DIY: Full Set of Nails (No Acrylic & Drills).

Tuesday, 3 March 2015 London, UK

 Hey lovelies, 
It's been a little busy week for me so firstly I'd like to apologise for the lack of posts, secondly I will be back with my adventure diaries soon once I've done some planning.
If you haven't seen my tweet already, I'm looking for London based bloggers who'd like to join me in my travels around London. You can email: for more information, meanwhile take a look at my one of my Adventure Diaries posts here.

On to today's post - ladies I think I've made all your nail dreams come true. How much do you love a full set of nails but not the effort or price tag? - Yeah me too. Actually let me be honest with you.. Until about a week ago I hated false nails period. I hadn't had any type of false nails for about 8 months simply because my nails turn fragile and take a while to get back in good condition.
So a month ago, I decided to get some shellac done in a salon based in East London. WORST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE! Let's just say, if there's a sign in a nail salon's window suggesting you re-book your appointment if you have a cold, just don't bother! After taking the shellac off, my nails were completely ruined, weak and just kept on breaking - luckily I was given some false nails to mask the horror.

Below are some steps to achieve my current nail design:

You will need:

1) False nails (these should be the full nail extensions not just the tips) 

2) Cotton buds & tape - if like me you don't have anywhere to place the nail just stick some tape on one end of the bud and place the false nail on it (this is to prevent all that mess)

3) Nail polishes - desired colour/s + top coat 

4) Nail clippers + nail file to get your nails down to the desired length 

5) Nail glue


1) Cut and file your nails to your liking 

2) Place the bottom tip of the nail on the edge of the cotton bud and paint the nail

3) Apply a top coat and let the nails dry for 1 hour +

For that extra bit of glitz and glam you can spruce up the nails by adding fancy designs or little diamonds just like I did.

4) When nails are completely dry use a good nail glue to stick them on or stickers if you just want them on for a day.

The result! (I did manage to dent it because I'm super unlucky haha).

I've had these nails on for 3 days now and they don't seem to be going anywhere stores or ebay

Let me know if you'll be trying my DIY full set of nails technique! 

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