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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

So for a while now my other half has been wanting to go to this place - Bunny Chow. He does a lot of reading and research so always comes up with these fantastic places to visit in London. When he told me about this little gem located in Soho, I quickly headed to the website and took a look at their menu which seemed to be pretty simple but I was intrigued nonetheless. 

Kindly, the menu states exactly what a Bunny is and how you can eat one so I don't have to explain! 

The moment you have been waiting for!!! So this is what a bunny looks like, as you've probably read above its hollowed out bread (complete with a lid), filled with rice, and toppings of your choice. Staying true to South African / Durban Indian tradition, I decided to get the Chakalaka bunny which is basically a chicken curry in rice also topped with mango chutney and little crackers. MMM.

Blake opted for the Veggie bunny consisting of cauliflower, chickpea, potato and spicy durban sauce - he liked it very much ^.^

We also ordered some sides as extras, spicy sweet rice and kale to compliment. 

On to the drinks, I went for Madiba's which is a mixture of grapefruit juice, blueberries raspberries and strawberries - which in all honesty I didn't like one bit. It was a blend of sweet and very bitter...I don't do bitter so decided to get an Appletiser instead. Blake however didn't find this drink to be all that bad so had it all for me as well as ordering his own drink which was made into a little cocktail for him. 

I 100% recommend Bunny Chow to all of you! For only £5 per bunny and great service you are guaranteed to truly chow down some tasty, filling food with a smile... + you get unlimited water! Irresistible right?  

I'll definitely be back! Let me know if you plan on heading down to Bunny Chow

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