Benefit Cosmetics Collection - MEGA Haul Review

Saturday, 7 February 2015 London, UK

Hey dolls, 
This post is well... let's just say way overdue. I'm one of those beauty lovers that hates blogging about everything in my makeup collection but definitely think a reader could benefit from this post.

So let's begin! 
I first started using benefit cosmetics at the beginning of university when I wasn't so fussed about makeup and all of that shizz. My first purchase was the You Rebel Tinted Moisturiser recommended by a family member who worked for the brand at the time, and ever since I've always been intrigued by what the brand has to offer. 

Below you'll find an in depth review of each one of these products from right to left: (1)"POREfessional" - Pore Minimiser, (2)"That Gal" - Brightening Face Primer and (3)"You Rebel" - Tinted Moisturiser with SPF15).

POREfessional - Pore Minimiser

I love POREfessional. Easy to apply, smooth on the skin and minimises the appearance of pores and fine lines in a mater of seconds. Using an oil free formula, the product enables makeup to stay put just that bit longer which for me is usually a problem. As I have a SUPER oily T-zone, I can most certainly say that this product helps me control all that pesky oil that allows for my makeup to moonwalk off my face during the day (haha).

That Gal - Brightening Face Primer
This is also a face primer that every one of you should own! Why? Simply because when you're having a 'bad day' you can rely on this product to brighten up your face. That Gal contains light-reflecting pigments that helps brighten all skin tones with a pink raspberry sort of colouring to give that blushed darling type of look.
I usually wear this under my make-up and apply to my eye area (lids & under eye) and cheeks which awakens the skin (or at least it seems so). If I'm going for a 'CBA' type of day I use this with a tinted moisturiser (by benefit) and my rose gold sleek blush, otherwise I use this with a full face of make-up because I love it so much!

You Rebel - Tinted Moisturiser
Now, once upon time I absolutely loved this tinted moisturiser and have gone through a few tubes, however today I use this as little as possible, sadly. After discovering a gazillion foundations this one just does not do it for me any more and I'll explain why.
So as mentioned previously, I have really oily skin and this product just seems to add to it due to its moisturising properties. This is great for those that have dry skin - just not me! If you are a Benefit fanatic, you'll know that this tinted moisturiser only comes in two shades which is no use to those of us that need a bit of colour. For about a year now I've been using foundations 2/3 shades darker than my own face colour because the rest of my body is quite tanned. Having said all of this, I do still use You Rebel a few times a month when I'm in a hurry and require minimal coverage. This product is also great as a holiday replacement to your usual foundations as it is light, moisturising and contains SPF 15!

So there you have it, my MEGA benefit haul (well kind of). What do you think of the above products? & Has anyone tried the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara in this months Elle magazine yet? It'll be available for purchase on the 12th Feb 2015. 

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