Keeping It Simple #AboutFace Skincare Challenge

Saturday, 17 January 2015 London, UK

Happy Saturday lovelies! 

So, recently I was lucky enough  to attend the Simple #AboutFace apartment party held at the Ham Yard Hotel by one of my favourite PRs (@beautyseenPR). The evening allowed for bloggers and beauty enthusiasts alike to mingle, share positive beauty stories (& horrors) which was fun! Guests were welcomed with a glass of champagne or in my case a green smoothie (mmm), other nibbles and we were then talked through the purpose of the event and why January is all #AboutFace. 
If you are unaware, Simple are the UK's number one facial skincare brand with over 50 years experience in caring for sensitive skin. The main reason for this event was simply to help and encourage guests to reboot their skincare routines in January, since many of us may have neglected our beautiful faces. During the event, Simple had one of their skincare experts explain a few of the products in groups and we even got to test how they worked. After this, we were able to have personalised 'skin prescriptions', where the lovely skincare expert recommended a few products based on the information we gave. I was recommended the; eye wipes, eye cream, illuminating cream, spot zipper roll on, clear skin oil balancing facial scrub and the pore minimising toner to help keep my skin healthy. Sadly all of these products were not in stock, but I was told to select a few of the remaining products, which triggered a thought... why not start a Simple Skincare challenge? 

After having the conversation with the Simple expert I realised that my beauty regime was just too complicated, consisting of way too many brands & products that perhaps weren't delicate enough for my skin. 
What I like about Simple is that although we may strip our skin of all its natural oils, Simple products are renowned for restoring these oils without overdoing it. Another point, Simple are free from harsh, artificial perfumes and colours which is great for those of us who have super sensitive skin! Anyway, I've rambled on enough so I am going to tell you about the products I got to take away and how I will be incorporating them in my skincare routine. 
* Note - for the next month I will be using Simple Skincare products only.

Spotless Skin Triple Action Facial Wash 
I've started using this in the morning replacing my KIKO cleansing gel. The product is said to fight spots, deep cleanse, purify and tone removing hidden dirt and unclogging pores. 
I know right..WOW.

Kind to Skin Vital Vitamin Foaming Cleanser 
This has become my go to cleanser before bed! I use this vital vitamin foaming cleanser to remove impurities and traces of make-up, all you need is two pumps.. this stuff is very foamy making the product easy to spread around your facial area.

Kind to Skin Radiance Brightening Wipes
Although these wipes are not specifically made to remove eye make-up, it does the job very well! Blended with mango extract these wipes leave my skin feeling soft and super refreshed, these are also great for wiping away make-up around the neck/hairline. 

Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner
After cleansing and wiping I use this toner which leaves my skin feeling hydrated and refreshed as it is packed with multivitamins.

Kind to Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion 
After all that wet cleansing and toning, I use this cleansing lotion to moisturise helping to keep skin soft and smooth. This cleansing lotion also helps those of us who have dry patches due to harsh weathers. 

So that's it! For the next month I'm keeping it Simple and making it all #AboutFace 
Do you swear by Simple, or have any particular favourites? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

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