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Friday, 16 January 2015 London, UK

Hello all, 

Firstly I'd like to thank you all for continuously reading my blog (despite me being on a long break). During my break in Edinburgh, I decided to also take a bit of a blog break and over the Christmas period it turned into a very naughty extended blog break (hehe). To be honest, I really enjoyed the break - not only did I break from this blog, but from Blogging Gals too. I have put things into perspective and have so much planned for 2015! So here's to 2015 and welcoming me back into the bloggersphere! 

Onto today's post,

I really wanted to share why I think blog breaks are good for all of us bloggers, consistent or not - having a break from it all helps your prioritise what's really important in life. 
I have been able to focus on what I truly want from life, the route/s I must take and what to do next after I've achieved it all. 

Why do I need a blog break? I love blogging. 

I do too, but think about it; how much time does blogging actually consume? Writing content, editing all those pictures, marketing your posts.. then you have attending events, spending even more money for your blog & so many other factors. Blogging is basically a full-time job so having a break every once in a while isn't a bad thing at all.
+ Your memory is refreshed & just like a laptop, you feel more energised after a reboot!

What have you achieved on your blog break?

So, although I took a break from blogging I did not completely switch off from the blog world. I was able to:
- Focus on my career
- Build the Blogging Gals brand (it's been a year since we launched)
- Plan meetings with bloggers/photographers for some great collaborations
& build some great sponsors for my blog!

I'm back and ready to take over in 2015, I am also planning my blog-iary (blogging diary) which means you'll be seeing much more of me.

Again, thanks for being a loyal reader & to those of you that have just stumbled across my blog, welcome!

Speak soon,

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