Adventure Diaries #1 - Borough Market

Monday, 19 January 2015 London, UK

Hey lovely readers, 
Today I wanted bring something new & exciting to the blog and generally show some appreciation to my city (London). 
Now, if I'm honest I don't do resolutions simply because I never stick to them and if we really want something why wait for a new calender year to start? 
This year I said that I'd like to travel more whether it be domestic, short or long haul.. I just really want to be able to experience new things and essentially become more knowledgeable through the things I see and the people I meet. 

The Adventure Diaries will consist of blog posts capturing my jaunts in and around London with little text as I would really like the pictures to do the talking.
Last weekend I visited the very colourful Borough Market. Known for variety, Borough Market offers a wide range of fresh foods from cheese, olives, breads, to wines, sweets and other delicacies. 

If you get some time or visit London on holiday, I'd definitely recommend planning a trip to Borough Market. Enjoy viewing the pictures below :) 

I had the Raspberry, Mango & Banana smoothie
absolutely loved it.. also a great way to keep hydrated whilst walking around.

Regret not getting any pistachio Turkish delights, they were so yummy! 

These olives were super duper yummy! We got a mixture of olives.

Anyone for a falafel wrap? This was so tasty and full of flavour to the point where all the sauce dripped all over me haha.

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