2015 Ebay Beauty Bargains

Friday, 23 January 2015 London, UK

Its Friday waheeey...happy Friday lovelies! 
I wanted to bring you this short post sharing some of my recent beauty bargains, that ladies must not go missed. 

The Brush Egg
This is a silicone brush tool that aims to deep cleanse make-up brushes without having to use heaps of solution, and/or violently scrub the make-brush in the palm of your hand. This is one of my pet peeves by the way, especially foundation brushes - errrr. This tool is an absolute bargain at 99p and I would definitely recommend it to those who are in need of a brush cleaner and for those that need something compact whilst travelling. 

99p / Buy here
Ordered from China took about 1 week to arrive. 

24 Trapezoid Lipstick Display 
I know what you're thinking 'where are your mac lipsticks'? Truth be told I don't have any. My excuse, I lived in Northampton for 3 years and never had a Mac shop around me (lame), I'm the type that has to go in store to try the colours on as screen monitors can make items look completely different when wanting to order online. Besides what is all the hype about anyway? I'm content with my KIKO purchases as you can see ;). Anyway, I've wanted this lipstick display for a while now and found it on ebay for a bargain at £1.97. Only downfall is that my square lipsticks don't fit in this (so yes if like me you own some YSL pur couture lippies..they won't fit I'm afraid).
(BTW these retail at over £10 in MUJI)

£1.97 / Buy here
Ordered from China, arrived within two weeks. 

So I hope my bargain beauty buys have inspired you to save your penny and always hunt on ebay first for certain products. Comment below if you plan to purchase any of these and please let me know what the mac hype is all about? Perhaps I can jump on the wave aha! 

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