Zoeva Professional Makeup Brushes Review* + The Rose Golden Collection Vol.2 & Jewellery Launch

Thursday, 29 January 2015 London, UK

A few months ago I was kindly sent a lovely package by the Zoeva team but didn't get round to blogging it as I was on a break at the time. 
Now, this brand needs no introduction at all but, if you've never heard of Zoeva you can check out my little overview below: 

"Founded in 2008, German brand Zoeva offers a vast range of makeup tools for beauty lovers and professionals all over the world. The company, initially founded by Zoe was started due to her obsession with makeup and professional tools. Since then, the company has expanded by offering a range of cosmetics and shipping to destinations outside of Europe. 
If you've not grasped on to the #Zoeva craze... now is most certainly the time! Zoeva took the bloggesphere by storm in 2014 and I anticipate the same for this year". 

I was so excited when I received this package because a) I've become more interested in beauty opposed to fashion (these days) and b) It's ZOEVA! No seriously these brushes are every bloggers dream and if you have them already.. how pretty do they look on your dresser? 
My favourite brush out of this set is the #109 Luxe Face Paint Brush (third brush from the left) simply because I'm not great at contouring. It's of a rectangular shape, is aligned well, flat but with good density making contouring less of a hassle and something I look forward to in my makeup routine. Just in case you're wondering, I use Sleek's Face Contour Kit which can be purchased here

Another favourite brush from the set is the #127 Luxe Sheer Cheek brush - oh my goodness this is just an all round amazing brush. I absolutely LOVE applying my Sleek Rose Gold Blusher  with this as its soft and brushes over my cheek easily without applying too much product, like many brushes out there. I'd definitely recommend purchasing this brush along with the Sleek blusher - if like me, you're skin tone doesn't match pink/red/or brown blushes.. this one is a shimmery pink with hints of rose gold (not real of course.. haha how amazing would that be?). 

As far as the eye brushes are concerned, I have used the #317 Wing Liner (last brush on far right) and wow you can create a mighty winged line with this baby. If you head to my new instagram page you'll find a photo of me wearing eye-liner using this brush. With this, you're able to create and perfect the beautiful arab/asian inspired type of eye line. 

The makeup bags you get with your brushes are so pretty and can be used for other purposes such as a clutch bag, receipts wallet etc. 
Luxe Brush Set RRP approx: £48 purchase here

So you've reached the end of this post - yay well done, I have some very exciting news for you. 
Are you a fan of Zoeva brushes? Has my post turned you in to the ultimate Zoeva lover? Well, feast your eyes on this! On the 23rd February 2015 Zoeva will be launching the Rose Golden Collection Vol.2. The idea behind these brush sets are that;

"We dream in powder nude and rose gold. The Rose Golden Vol. 2 Collection revives every sleeping beauty. Treat yourself like a princess with the new Rose Golden Vol. 2 Collection and live your modern fairy tale with ZOEVA’s new gems. We celebrate the woman awakening the girl in her she has never lost but sometimes forgotten about. She is her own well-kept secret but above all, she is a woman in the purest form".

To celebrate the beauty of these brushes, a Rose Gold Vol. 2 acrylic brush holder will also be available for sale RRP approx £52
RRP approx £48

RRP approx £48
 To top all of this great news off, Zoeva will also be launching their first Jewellery piece! Can this brand progress any further? The bangle again features the Rose Gold theme and is finished with the beautiful Zoeva symbol, that "embodies the essence of soft elegance".
Preview below;
RRP approx £28

Right so, I hope I haven't given you a heart-attack with all this beautiful awesomeness? 
Will you be getting your hands on any of the new collection next month? 

Leave your reply below :) 

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Adventure Diaries #2 - Portobello Road Market

Monday, 26 January 2015 London, UK

So this weeks travel adventure led me to Portobello Road Market in Notting Hill. 
Running across the length of the street, the market boasts a variety of vintage fashion, art, antiques, world cuisines and a vast amount of cafes/restaurants for those that want to escape the crowds. 


Enjoy the pictures including my little outfit of the day and if you have any suggestions for where I should head to this weekend, please comment below! 

There are so many colourful houses in Notting Hill.

The food market, including food stalls, spice shops and even discount stores such as Poundland haha.
Looking at this makes my mouth water!
We stopped off at Westfield (White City) and opted for some Lebanese nibbles. YUM YUM YUM!


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2015 Ebay Beauty Bargains

Friday, 23 January 2015 London, UK

Its Friday waheeey...happy Friday lovelies! 
I wanted to bring you this short post sharing some of my recent beauty bargains, that ladies must not go missed. 

The Brush Egg
This is a silicone brush tool that aims to deep cleanse make-up brushes without having to use heaps of solution, and/or violently scrub the make-brush in the palm of your hand. This is one of my pet peeves by the way, especially foundation brushes - errrr. This tool is an absolute bargain at 99p and I would definitely recommend it to those who are in need of a brush cleaner and for those that need something compact whilst travelling. 

99p / Buy here
Ordered from China took about 1 week to arrive. 

24 Trapezoid Lipstick Display 
I know what you're thinking 'where are your mac lipsticks'? Truth be told I don't have any. My excuse, I lived in Northampton for 3 years and never had a Mac shop around me (lame), I'm the type that has to go in store to try the colours on as screen monitors can make items look completely different when wanting to order online. Besides what is all the hype about anyway? I'm content with my KIKO purchases as you can see ;). Anyway, I've wanted this lipstick display for a while now and found it on ebay for a bargain at £1.97. Only downfall is that my square lipsticks don't fit in this (so yes if like me you own some YSL pur couture lippies..they won't fit I'm afraid).
(BTW these retail at over £10 in MUJI)

£1.97 / Buy here
Ordered from China, arrived within two weeks. 

So I hope my bargain beauty buys have inspired you to save your penny and always hunt on ebay first for certain products. Comment below if you plan to purchase any of these and please let me know what the mac hype is all about? Perhaps I can jump on the wave aha! 

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Glowing With Glow & Ray*

Thursday, 22 January 2015 London, UK

Oh how the week has gone by so quickly right? 
I hope you're all well and looking forward to the weekend. 

So today I have a simple little make-up review on the blog bought to you by Glo & Ray. May I add, this is the last time you'll probably see my hair up in a bun for a few weeks as I've had a complete hair change (my new look is coming soon to the blog). 

I was kindly contacted by Glo & Ray asking if I'd like to review some products and was allowed to choose anything I wanted (woohoo). If you haven't heard about the brand, Glo & Ray are a British company offering an extensive range of make-up and skincare products for beauty enthusiasts around the world. 

‘Glo’, a gentle luminance; and ‘Ray’, a vibrant beam of light. We look to harness each woman’s natural radiance to deliver a stunning collection designed to illuminate individual beauty

Products Sent: Lumincent Light Loose Setting Powder / La Amo Creamy Matte Lip Colour #612 Muse 
Price: £14.00 / £12.00

So for a long time now I've been meaning to purchase a loose setting powder, as I have a super oily T-zone. Having said this, I bought a loose setting powder by Barry M a few years ago and didn't know what to do with it haha, I was so clueless back then. Anyway, this for me has to be one of my life saving beauty products and will now become a staple. It has helped to control excessive oil, sets my make-up and allows for light to hit the right places which is very pleasing to the eye. 

RRP £14 / purchase here

Now ladies and gents, more recently I've found it hard to find a pink lipstick that really isn't an OTT or too subtle shade of pink, so you can imagine the excitement when I received this beauty. This is a creamy/matte lipstick which means your lips are moisturised with a slight matte finish. I can honestly say that this lipstick instantly plumps and can look even better when paired with a great lip liner. The only downfall to this product is that you have to reapply after about 3 hours. This is because of the creamy formula (Glo & Ray do not claim that this particular product is long-lasting so this doesn't bother me so much), which is not a bad thing because your lips do stay moisturised throughout the day. The product doesn't completely rub off however, you are left with a lovely tint that also leaves lips looking soft and pretty.

RRP £12 / purchase here

Products used on Face
Skin: Oxygenetix foundation 
Eyelashes: Rimmel London - Scandal eyes (Retro Glam)
Eyebrows: Rimmel London eyebrow pencil 
Cheeks: Sleek rose gold blush

Have you ever used any of the products mentioned above? I'd love to hear from you.

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* Disclaimer - all views are my own and I have not been compensated in any other away for this review.

Adventure Diaries #1 - Borough Market

Monday, 19 January 2015 London, UK

Hey lovely readers, 
Today I wanted bring something new & exciting to the blog and generally show some appreciation to my city (London). 
Now, if I'm honest I don't do resolutions simply because I never stick to them and if we really want something why wait for a new calender year to start? 
This year I said that I'd like to travel more whether it be domestic, short or long haul.. I just really want to be able to experience new things and essentially become more knowledgeable through the things I see and the people I meet. 

The Adventure Diaries will consist of blog posts capturing my jaunts in and around London with little text as I would really like the pictures to do the talking.
Last weekend I visited the very colourful Borough Market. Known for variety, Borough Market offers a wide range of fresh foods from cheese, olives, breads, to wines, sweets and other delicacies. 

If you get some time or visit London on holiday, I'd definitely recommend planning a trip to Borough Market. Enjoy viewing the pictures below :) 

I had the Raspberry, Mango & Banana smoothie
absolutely loved it.. also a great way to keep hydrated whilst walking around.

Regret not getting any pistachio Turkish delights, they were so yummy! 

These olives were super duper yummy! We got a mixture of olives.

Anyone for a falafel wrap? This was so tasty and full of flavour to the point where all the sauce dripped all over me haha.

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