My Top Tips: How To Get Noticed By Brands

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Hey guys! I thought I'd do a post on a subject that seems to me as an important question in the bloggersphere. 'How to get noticed by brands'. Now, I'm no expert at this and all views are honestly my own but I thought I'd share some tips since I have been doing blogger outreach for a few months and have come across many blogs (sometimes even my own - let's be honest) that could be doing much better. Not only will I give my readers an insight on how to get noticed by brands, prs etc but I also want to make bloggers aware of certain things that may be 'off putting' and speaking from personal experiences, why you may never get that call, email or tweet back! 

1) Clean up that blog! So first things first, you want to make sure that you have the fundamentals correct. Simple things like a clear blog layout can really have a major impact on the overall view of your blog, time and/or money well spent on a good layout for me shows the author really takes time and appreciates their craft. You can purchase great layouts from sites like pipdig or even etsy.

2) Who are you blogging for? Now I'm sure that most of us will say that we are blogging for XY and Z reasons but have you done relevant research in the field/s you are blogging in? Do you have a niche? Can your readers say (example): "I'm coming back to this blog next week as I know there will be something on skincare, the products Zaineb used have really helped improve my skin condition". Or are your readers mainly 15/16 year olds about to finish secondary school?
Having a niche is a great way for brands to identify who you are, what you blog about and your readership. This essentially allows brands & prs to match you to other great brands based on your content and following. Having a niche also makes things a lot easier for brands y'know? If they want beauty & you're a beauty blogger they'd head straight to those in their database and pull out those that are suitable for the campaign. 

3) Queen of Content! Or you could be a king if you much prefer? Now I'm sure you've heard the '"content is key" line several times (reminds me of being back at school) and really from articles I have read previously people really do make things sounds 'scary'. It's really simple, you want to be able to engage and give your readers a little bit of your personality. How? Just by being you and most importantly writing your own posts! Yes being honest if they are sponsored. There's nothing like being a loyal reader and reading a post that doesn't scream your tone! 

4) But first let me take a selfie... Let's be 100% honest, I don't know about you but I absolutely hate coming across blogs with fabulous content and Blackberry 8520 looking photos. I am one of those people that actually look at the photos in a post before reading it in depth  - most of the time the photos are actually the 'call to action'. Now as you know the more you practise the more better you get. My tips would be to definitely invest in a piece of white furniture that is your go to background for taking product pictures IKEA do great chest of draws, dressing tables, table tops etc.You can jazz your furniture up by adding some patterned/colourful paper to the background, petals.. I'm sure you've seen it all. Again I've spoken to clients who really want to work with bloggers but turn them down because their photos are not to the brands taste! 

5) Ermmm.. how can I contact you? Seriously some of you are flushing opportunities down the toilet because we cannot locate your details!!! It's really sad because there has been times where I've come across some amazing blogs that I'd perhaps want to collaborate with and I couldn't find their details anywhere on the blog. Lovelies, if you are a person that loves an opportunity it is highly important you have some contact info somewhere on your blog. 

Another tip: I think its also a good idea to have a tiny little bio, picture & email address somewhere on the home page of your blog. Actually for me this is important! I work with so many bloggers, often putting out requests which sometimes leaves me with loads of tabs open - basically what I'm saying is you'll make a brands life a whole lot easier LOL! 

6) Connect & Engage! Firstly make sure your social medias all link to each other blog to everything.. everything to blog, you get the gist! 
One thing I love is meeting new people, whether we're E-meeting or meeting in person I just love seeing new faces. Connecting with other bloggers and brands big or small proves that you are sociable, and engaging with them proves that your not stuck up & 'selective'. I've definitely come across a few bloggers who seem to reply to those on the same 'wavelength' as them, not cool!  
Engage stand out from the crowd and offer your opinions in weekly chats you'd be surprised at the amount of TOP brands hanging about in and browsing certain hashtags ;)

Another tip: Use hashtags correctly, include blogger communities like Blogging Gals 

7) If you want it go get it! Confidence is SEXY! Okay ignore that... but if there is a campaign and you meet the criteria, go get it gurrrl! If you've seen a PR hosting a fab press event and you'd love to attend their next one let them know, and tell them what you can offer in return of your attendance. 
(A great write up, photos of the day etc).

BTW: If you do not hear back from the brand/PR don't let this worry you just keep going! 

There's so much more to add to this list but I think I'll leave it as that for now. I hope I have not offended anyone, as stated previously I am simply offering my advice. This all takes time so don't make brands noticing you a priority.

Happy blogging! 

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Put yourself in the position of a brand what would make you want to work with a blogger? Share your responses below.



  1. New follower right here :) some great tips!

    | kmcbeauty

  2. Really liked this post. Totally honest! I know I need to invest in something better to take my photos on and I am looking into it (but don't want to rush) Definitely just went to check my contact information after reading this too!! Top tips Thanks Zaineb xx


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