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Thursday, 27 November 2014 Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, UK

Seriously guys, 
I should be a brand ambassador for L'oreal because their products are ABSOLUTELY amazing and I can't stop reviewing them. From foundation, to hair products you name it, the brand has it all! 

Anyway, so as you know.. I've moved from London to Edinburgh (Scotland) for a while and for my type of hair in Scotland its really hard to find products that do the job. I had limited space in my luggage so couldn't bring my huge tub of eco-styler gel (with argan oil) so sadly put some in a teeny jar and left the rest behind. As I am a big fan of high buns and have to use quite a bit of gel to get them perfect, I was quite sad when my gel came to an end (RIP). So, I hopped down to Edinburgh's Princes street and found myself in Superdrug. After spending approximately 7 minutes looking at all types of hair gel (which was very limited) the only gel that seemed most attractive to me was the L'oreal Studio Line Invisi'Hold. The words 24 hours, natural, non sticky, non stiff and extra strength had me at hello. I was sold.. so I took the gel to the counter and prepared to make change, baring in mind that I had been using eco styler gel ever since secondary school. 

On to the product itself.
Now people of the world, I was so surprised by how well this gel worked in fact so well that I don't think I'll be using my other gel again. The gel is really light, quite liquidy (the only thing I don't like) and gets the job done. Not only does the gel hold the hair into place but it doesn't leave any white residue behind!!!! This is something that many brands claim but when put to the test, fail miserably. 
The brand do not lie when they say that the gel is non sticky/stiff, at the end of the day my hair is easy to comb out again with no flaky business. I added some extra virgin olive oil to the gel simply because my hair is extra dry which you can see from the ends pictured below.  

This is what I like to call a birds nest bun, and how my hair looks when I CBA to do anything to it. The roots have some added gel, water and oil whilst the ends have just been left dry for the purpose of this picture. 

So do I recommend this gel? Hell yes! I'd say this gel is for ALL hair types. I've definitely learned since moving (by accident) that a change in your routine - including beauty products is not bad at all. At the moment my hair & skin are in a happy place! 

You can by L'oreal Studio Line here

(Below is a photo of my hair using the gel).

Before I forget I'm wanting to go on a #NoHeatHairChallenge and if I can get some of you ladies to do it with me for a few weeks/months I'd definitely love to start a campaign.
Comment below if you're with me - no matter what your hair type is! 

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What gel do you use if any? Would love to hear your recommendations. 


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