Sunday Strength #4 - Dealing With Another Person's Depression

Sunday, 12 October 2014 London, UK

Hi all, 
For me, this is a very personal post and something I've never dreamt about blogging, however I really want to shed some light on those of us who are surrounded with those who suffer with depression. 
Its hard...
That's my first point, not only have I dealt with this for nearly my entire life but its something I've always managed to brush under the carpet and put a happy face on for everyone. Again its hard, knowing that no matter what you do for a's just never good enough and honestly its not their fault, depression allows you to constantly feel this way and you can't just snap out of it. I've reached my limit and honestly cannot be pulled into someone's streak of unhappiness any longer, I've managed to escape it for many years but I feel now because I do so much it may not be that easy - and I too could face feeling depressed. 

Now for those reading this post and for anyone suffering with depression - please do not take this as a dig at those suffering with depression (I first and foremost would never do that), but what I am trying to say is that yes many people in this world suffer from this illness, but what about those that have to deal with the sufferers? We are often left in a box, the anger is taken out on us and we are supposed to be okay with it? Sorry, but to me that's not okay. No one should ever feel like they are a punching bag, I'm not talking physically but verbally - words do hurt & I've been hurting for many years. 

After a rough week - and I mean rough as hell, I've decided to take some time out and move to Edinburgh, it may be for a month, a year or forever I haven't decided yet but all I know is that the decisions I make are always good and I somehow have a vision of this move bettering my business. 
This ties in with last weeks Sunday Strength: Putting Yourself First

The person who I am referring to in this post is my mother - she may read this I don't know. She's been my rock, she's always encouraged me to finish things I've always wanted to give up on (university for example).. and has put on a brave face despite battling depression for many years. I love her dearly and I know that I am her world even though she may not say it. I can't help but feeling helpless and I hope one day we can overcome whatever is making her unhappy. This was never going to be a long post of what happens on a day to day basis, because some days I forget about my mums depression, not in a bad way, but she's so strong she just sometimes just gets on with it. This is why I admire her. 
I wanted to write this post because I haven't yet come across a similar one, I've read so many of dealing with depression but not another's. This is something I feel I am not at the point where I can't give any tips because I am not to the point where I quite understand what's going on - if that makes any sense? I really hope this inspires someone to talk to any of their loved ones dealing with depression as its really important to know how both of you are feeling, what's making you unhappy and how to overcome it. 

A note to those suffering with depression, you are strong individuals - I see it everyday.. please seek help with those who love you as it affects us too! 

You can read about helping someone with depression here
or visit mind
I think I will definitely be retouching on this subject soon - If any of you would like to talk you can leave your emails below or send me an email to - I'm here for you. 

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p.s no tears were shed whilst writing this (haha) ok back to being serious!

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