Sunday Strength #3 - Putting Yourself First

Sunday, 5 October 2014 London, UK

It's been a while since I last did one of these posts so I'm really pleased to say that they're back! I think it's very important for me to put these kinds of posts together because we as humans often oversee how certain situations can impact our lives - for better, for worse. 
So, today's post is all about putting yourself first. Why? It's something I think we all forget to do every so often resulting in stress and general unhappiness. 
Now I want you to ask yourself this simple question: "How often do I put myself first?" - Not much? Me too, and that's fine (until we talk about change of course). Often family, friends, work & other commitments make it near enough impossible to put ourselves first again resulting stress and general unhappiness, some even fall into depression. 
For me, running Blogging Gals & working makes it really difficult for me to put myself first as I live my life constantly worrying about writing content and pleasing others within the community. Don't get me wrong, I love my life - but often I feel drained and sometimes I don't even get the time to do simple things such as paint my nails (yes really)! 
More recently, I have realised that 'me time' is key to keeping us sane. When I say 'me time' I mean truly relaxing away from all forms of technology and social media. Often many of us think we don't have the time for relaxing at all, but did you know a recent study suggests that Brits spend more time on media than they do in their sleep (BBC, 2014) - ouch, painful news I know! So, as of lately I've decided to have at least one well-being day a week, the reason for this is because I probably spend more time on media than anyone you know (unless you know some super geeky gamers). It's bad I know but what I do is very demanding & I love being social mehhh. The well-being day consists of being mindful of myself, in terms of reconnecting through mediation, thinking positive thoughts, giving my body the nutrients it truly deserves, pampering & massages (that does include painting my nails ;) haha), using technology less and finishing the day off with a nice hot relaxing bath with some fennel or peppermint tea - helping me to really unwind. This is something I've recently started and will continue to do so for a while.

If like me you lead a very tech heavy lifestyle & find that you never put yourself first please consider taking some time out just to focus on your wellbeing. Forget about your stresses and focus on yourself - it's time for a happy beginning! 

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