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Sunday, 12 October 2014 London, UK

Happy Sunday here from me in the UK! 
I was gifted this beautiful two piece a few weeks ago by a brand based in Scotland called Glam Drawer, who offer celebrity style clothing at affordable prices. 

In all honesty, I love this two piece but for a special occasion I would have a totally different look -  hair down, high heels, perhaps no jacket and waaaaay more makeup. 

This two piece is actually a size Medium with lots of room so I definitely think I could squeeze into a size small next time especially on my bust. You can buy the two piece here or you can have a look at the rest of the collection here

Two Piece Set - Glam Drawer
Jacket - H & M
Shoes - New Look 

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  1. Lovely outfit ! It fits you very well ! #Barbie ^^

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