Sunday Strength - Finding Your Happiness #1

Sunday, 17 August 2014 London, UK

Hi everyone, firstly let me wish you a very happy Sunday :) Today's post...

So, for a while now I've seen my babe Grace from do these Sunday Strength posts which I think are really admirable. She discusses issues and also gives advice on how to overcome them with important contacts where individuals can seek help. I have now decided to do the same simply because I think its important to share and overcome how you are feeling... better yet helping some of those who may be going through things and can seek help just by visiting a blog! 

It's crazy how most of us have so many things going on in our life yet hide it through acting normal or completely ignoring our issues, I am one of those people. I am a closed book, even some of my closest friends do not know of the things happening in my life and those who do, wonder how I remain so strong. I won't sit here and describe the ins and outs of my life however I can tell you that life works in a way in which we will never see what's coming to us. This is where my life consists of non stop ups and downs, there's the yin and the yang. For every bad thing that happens, something good follows.. but I guess that's the balance that helps us keep sane huh? 

My advice to those of you reading this post and have so much going on in your life, find that person to talk to. Yes I am a closed book at times, but when I am ready I let it all fall free. I think that's the best thing about being the way I am, I let so much s**t build up inside of me that when I finally let loose, it feels like a tonne of bricks have been lifted off my shoulders. 
Distractions aren't always bad. I find that getting my head stuck in work or projects helps me create an outlet for how I'm feeling. If I feel angry or upset, I often turn to finishing some work because 1. I know it has to be done and 2. The final result (a sense of happiness) will often help me look at my issues from a different perspective. When you are fighting an ongoing battle with life its easy for people to say 'be happy', but how do you even think of being happy when life is constantly dragging you down? My answer is to take each day as it comes. After a bad day I usually feel glum and worn out and always have a headache, knowing I don't want to wake up feeling like that I simply plant an idea in my head of being happy, often thinking about things that make me happy i.e. cooking (& eating), managing my business and pampering myself. Once I've thought about these things I then DO them. This is the tricky part right? Many of us that often feel unhappy are kind of like 'ahhh what's the point, I hate life... I'll just stay in bed all day'.. however I have a different take on things. Staying in bed all day gets you nowhere.You may have no intentions of going out  some days, however that doesn't mean you can't have a productive day at home. 
Wake up, do the housework, cook, watch TV.. blog or do something social, read, do some work... and see how better you feel already! 

Find happiness in something you love, no one can ever take that feeling away from you. 

I leave you with some pick me up quotes... 

Remember: You're not alone, if you have difficulties speaking about your feelings write them down then read them out to yourself, find happiness in something you love this could be sports, reading.. anything! Use this as an outlet/escape to help manage what you are going through. 

Have a happy Sunday darlings.. 

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