Sunday Strength #2 - Managing Your Time

Sunday, 31 August 2014 London, UK

Happy Sunday my loves! 

I missed my Sunday Strength post last week however I bring you something we could all be doing better,-managing our time. 

If you've been following my blog, twitter, instagram etc you'll know that more recently I've become super busy and have been managing my time quiet well actually. 

Let me let you in on a secret.... 

 Social media has become my life. I love it and hate it at times as I work Monday-Friday writing content for a Tour Operators website and managing their social media which is very fun, but as you know I own and manage Blogging Gals which also requires a lot of attention and there's this little blog of mine that I am also trying to keep up with. It's very hard, time consuming and tiring... but when in doubt I always remember that everything I'm doing now is preparing me for my future. 
I am very level headed and want the best for myself and those around me so I literally thrive off hard work, which seems to be paying off. 

How do I manage my time? 
Rest. Well first of all I get at least 7 hours of sleep a day, I think its so important for those of us with busy lifestyles so that has to be a number one priority. 

Organisation. I love me a good old 'to do list' perfectly written and important bits highlighted to ensure I get tasks done. 

Busy bee. Although I sleep for 7 hours I literally work throughout the day. This is true indeed, Blogging Gals alone takes up so much of my time, I run the twitter page alone, emails have to be answered and I'm doing the website design myself too. 
After a long day at work doing pretty much the same thing, I can assure you this is what I do not want to be doing in my spare time... but hey presto! It'll all pay off :)

Scheduling. For all those bloggers out there this is key to blogging success. I've had this blog for so long and never have I been so inconsistent with something. 
I've started to schedule blog posts because I find it to be so much easier, more recently I have started to schedule some tweets simply because I need to try and get my personal blog out there as well as the promotion of BG! 

Exercise. Grrr, this has fallen behind which makes me sad. As I sit here with a bloated stomach from my juicy snacks this weekend I'm sat here thinking: 'Girl you need to exercise more'. I will be doing a home workout tonight and hopefully throughout the week. I'll keep you updated with this. 

Managing time is not about doing 101 things in one day and stressing over your tasks. Managing time is bettering our organisational skills to tackle tasks we have to do, and helps us effectively prepare for tasks we love!

Here are some quotes that will make you think: 

How do you manage your time? 

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