Stay Flawless: Sunkissed Makeup Look

Saturday, 2 August 2014

 Hey guys, hope you are all doing well! 
So the other day, I posted the picture below on the left on instagram and it seemed that so many of my beautiful followers loved this makeup look! It's really simple and does not take me ages to do which is great.

So let's take a look at the products I used:

I apply Gosh's Classic foundation primer all over my face before putting my foundation on, this primer is truly amazing enabling your makeup to last all day and definitely makes your skin feel velvety. 

I use L'oreal's true match foundation in the colour Golden Cappucino. This is not my exact skin tone colour (on my face) however is the exact tone of the rest of my body which is two shades darker than my face. 
So if like me your face is much lighter than your body opt for something a little darker! 
I also find the best way to apply my foundation is with my fingers... yes I said it! I swear its the best tool to a flawless finish. I simply apply the makeup directly onto my skin and use my index and middle finger to blend the product into my face. 

I then use my Nanshy brushes to finish off my flawless look. Ladies these brushes are amazing and cruelty free! They come in a set of 6 and can be purchased here.
I also use my ecotools eye brushes to contour my face (T Zone area, temple, cheeks and jaw).

NYX's Matte Bronzer is amazeeeeballs! Again I use this on my temples, and T zone area and sometimes brush some on my face just to give myself that sun kissed look! This was really cheap, bought from next for about £8, this is also great with the NYX illuminator to achieve dewy skin. 

One of my favourite lipsticks sent to me by asos this is Rimmel London's lasting finish by Kate Moss in colour 107. Great finish, lasts the whole day and budget friendly! 

I actually do not like this concealer very much, I find it sinks into the skin rather than sits on top but I still use it here and there as I find my Maybelline liquid concealer can sometimes be too heavy. 

Sleek face form in colour medium - This definitely helps 'form' my face and will help form yours too. You can purchase this from most Superdrug beauty stores and comes in a variety of shades to suit different tones. 

Sleeks eyebrow kit is perfect for those who want to perfect their eyebrows without having to visit any eyebrow parlours. Clearly I haven't managed to perfect my technique.. but give me some time and you'll be coming round mines for cupcakes and eyebrow shaping haha. 

I completely forgot to take a picture of my eye makeup eeeek. I used Rimmel London's Scandal Volume Flash mascara for my eyelashes, this gives me that XXL fake lash kind of look. I also used the NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk (604) for the corner of my eyes, this gives me that summer goddess kind of look which I love. 

So I hope this post has helped you in some shape or form? & I apologise for my products not being in order of how I use them but essentially you should get an idea of how to replicate my makeup look. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this, speak soon! MWAH. 

P.s are you ready for bloggers fashion week? Not long left now! 

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