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Thursday, 7 August 2014

So today was Blogger Mail Day! 
I honestly love receiving  blogger mail especially when I completely forget about it 
These beauties were bought from Just Fab.co.uk for £8.75 (inc p&p) Yes that wasn't a typo.. originally £35! 

Delivery was super fast (ordered on a Sunday and received today.. Thursday), However I am not happy with the item details to follow below. 

Packaged well 

Beautiful but faulty :(

Now £8.75 was a VIP price for my first purchase only but I mean just look at that fault, these look second  second hand. I always have bad luck with ordering shoes online and I . I think this order has finally clarified that I will no longer order shoes online ESPECIALLY from Just Fab... It's a shame really as I recommended two friends whilst purchasing and they too made a purchase. 

 For £8.75 I'm not too frustrated compared to if I had spent £35 but its the principal. For the record Just Fab check all your items before sending them! 

Although this offer was great, for my first order I'm not happy and will not be continuing my membership with this brand. 

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