How To Maintain Nails After Acrylics // 5 Simple Tips

Saturday, 30 August 2014 London, UK

So, you've had a set of the most beautiful acrylic nails and now it's time to take them off. You're not prepared for what's to come... what do you do next? 
Below I've compiled a list of tips for you. I've been using these methods on and off since my last full set of acrylic nails and I must say they seem to be growing better than ever!

Tip 1: 
Get a professional to take your acrylics off. Don't sit there trying to bite them off  (I've seen girls do this on many occasions), 1 its gross and two tugging on your nails will only slow your growth process down. 

Tip 2: 
This is probably the most simplest tip of them all but cutting and filing your nails after you've had a set of acrylics is so important. Often our nails are chipped and raggedy looking after taking the set off, so starting from scratch is always the best way. 

Tip 3: 
Now for all you cleanaholics (like me) it is SO important to protect your hands! Use gloves whilst cleaning as chemicals in cleaning products can seriously damage your hands and nails - dryness on both your hands and nails will occur if you don't take care of your hands whilst cleaning. 

Tip 4: 
Your nails need TLC too! You take good care of your hair right? Making sure ends are not dry etc? Well, It's the same with your nails! 
I suggest once a month take an oil of your choice (Almond or Olive oil are my faves), warm it up in the microwave for about 30 seconds.. dab some cotton wool into the oil then apply on nails. This will leave your nails moisturised and have you on the way to repair in no time! 

Tip 5: 
It's all in your diet! Foods rich in biotin have been proven to aid nail growth progress. Foods such as strawberries, cucumber and onion are just some fruit and veg that contain biotin so eat lots of it ;) If you don't like fruit and veg much I'd recommend perhaps taking some biotin tablets which can be purchased from  most food and health stores such as Holland and Barret 
Also drink lots of water! 

Added Tips:
Always use a strengthening base coat when painting nails (Sally Hansen have some good ones), Don't paint your nails too often as your a stripping them from their natural oils, Use creams enriched with Vitamin E to promote healthy nail growth. 

So those are my top 5 tips for maintaining nails after acrylics. I hope you take some good tips away from this, you'll definitely see a great change! 

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