High Street Foundations For Tanned Skin

Wednesday, 27 August 2014 London, UK

Greetings beauties! Today I bring you a post on high street foundations for tanned skin. What foundation is the best you ask? Stick around to find out more.

From left to right:
Maybelline New York 'Dream Satin; liquid // #60 Caramel
L'oreal Paris 'True Match' foundation // #D.8 W.8 Golden Cappucino
Maybelline New York 'Fit Me' foundation // #210 Sandy beige 
So I've done a little test on my hands just so you can get a glimpse of what the colours look like, its really odd how the second and third swatches look the same. I can assure you they are two different foundations.

Here are the foundations slightly rubbed into the back of my hands. 

& here are the foundations rubbed in slightly better. 
Verdict from left to right 
I just laughed when I had a look at the dream satin liquid... I mean I look like I have been roasted to death! This foundation is very thick and heavy, you most certainly feel it on your face and clearly isn't my colour.
L'oreals True Match - I've mentioned this on my blog so many times and it has to be my most favourite foundation ever used. I've used MAC, Elizabeth Arden and Oxygen by benefit and I must say they do not compare. What I love about this foundation is that you can either dress it up and down. Now, what I mean by that is I can simply mix this with a tinted moisturiser for a subtle look or I can get full coverage just by applying the foundation alone or with a powder. The foundation is light, so lasts a long time and doesn't break the bank balance.. Let me add this foundation is two shades darker than my skin tone which I tend to opt for to match my neck and shoulder area.

Onto Maybelline's fit me foundation... I just don't know with this one. It's obviously too light and when rubbed into the skin it really moisturises it and turns into a powder (has anyone experienced this with MB fit me?). I don't mind powdery foundations however just don't take to this foundation. I've had it on for about an hour on my hand and It's completely gone... definitely not great for those of us out all day. 

Overall - you probably guessed already.. I recommend L'oreals true match forever and always! I must say I do get a great foundation when mixing all three together.. I may do a whole makeup look just to show you all.
 I would really love to hear you foundation recommendations especially if you have a better suggestion, no harm in trying something new, I'd love to be blown away! 

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