Healthy Smoothies (I've Been Drinking Watermelon).

Monday, 4 August 2014

Thanks to Beyonce for the lyric, I most certainly have been drinking watermelon (smoothies that is). 
I am often asked one of the following; What do you put in your smoothies? How do you get them that texture? & how do you generally get smoothies to be healthy? 

Smoothies are known generally to be formed of fruit, fruit juices and water but heading down to your local cafe or chain restaurant you will find that many of these companies add sugars, syrups and other ingredients into smoothies that are generally not needed. As you all know I'm a smoothie junkie! Obsessed with the texture, taste and colours! I just love them so my top tips in relation to the question are as followed: 

In any of my smoothies I make sure I have strawberries and grapes. Strawberries have many benefits in terms of health and beauty such as great for weight loss and in general they are a great power food but also give your smoothies a great colour! I also use grapes as they are a natural sweetener, I have a real sweet tooth so also add some honey (just 1tsp). 

The texture of the smoothie is simple, I like my smoothies really thick so I chop my fruits up and store them in the freezer. This is great for achieving a slushy kind of texture and for persevering your fruit. Using my hand blender, I carefully blend my frozen fruits together adding water and freshly squeezed orange juice (I do not have specific measurements). 
For this particular smoothie I used a few different kind of melons, strawberries and grapes again with added water, orange juice and honey. 

Lastly, just don't add anything artificial! For every not so healthy thing that you like there is a substitute.
Swap sugar for honey, syrups for home made jams and do not use juices from concentrate. 

These are great for summer BBQs, as part of breakfast, lunch or dinner, snacks and perfect treats for the kids! 


What's in your smoothie? 

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