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Monday, 11 August 2014

 Happy Monday lovelies! 

Today I bring you a bar review of my local Grand Union in Kennington which I had the privilege of reviewing (thanks Emma).
So after a hectic week and great news about my new job.. I felt that a little celebration was needed so got myself down to The Grand Union in Kennington. Yes it was raining and windy but that didn't stop me at all. I literally headed down to the bar with my pink umbrella (that I made my mr hold all the way) and had a blast. 

So anyway, let's begin reviewing..... 

Beuatiful venue with a rooftop terrace
Outdoor seating


I absolutely fell in love with all the decor at The Grand Union hence why I've taken so many photos of random bits and pieces teehee. Can I just say If you are looking for somewhere to dine and drink in London and want to make sure you are still looking as good as you did when you first walked in, just head to The Grand Union. There are so many mirrors plotted around the bar (even on the rooftoop) you are guaranteed to come out looking like Beyoncé.. ever so flawless. 

Also you may not know but I have a thing or two for up-cycling. The chandelier pictured below has definitely given me a DIY idea.. isn't it cool? 

Looking at this food all over again simply makes my mouth water.

Let's start with the menu. There are a range of things to choose from for mains, including: 
* Burgers
* Pizzas
* Hot dogs
* Salads 
All of the above include vegetarian options which is great for those who are vegetarian or want to opt for a salad for dietary reasons. What I love about this menu is that at the end of each main there is a recommendation for cocktails to go with your meal! This is particularly great for those who are a bit indecisive like me ;) have a look at the full menu here.

Onto what I ordered. So I went for the Le Grande Royale (without bacon) which is out of my comfort zone as I do not usually eat red meat. The burger consisted of: Double patties (minced meat), American cheese, onion, lettuce, tomatoes and BBQ (my mouth is watering again). Like I said I don't usually eat red meat but WOW this was amazing!! All the ingredients complimented each other and you could tell that the quality of the food was top notch! The bun was well formed (seriously I've had burgers in the past that have fallen apart) and generally very fresh. To accompany the burgers me and my other half had fries, he wanted crinkled fries with cheese and I opted for skinny fries without the cheese! Can I just say... the cheesy chips are just so addictive.. once you have one you kind of just have to carry on eating them all haha! 

Onto the drinks. The cocktail menu is very extensive with short stories by Charles Bukowski just for that added fun twist! I ordered a Strawberry Daiquiri which I watched the amazing bartender make and my other half ordered the perfect storm which was full of ginger and fizz. Planning a trip to the Grand Union? Have a look at the cocktails menu here, there's so much to choose from! 
To compliment our meal we both had cokes which were very generous in size and was not watered down like many bars I have visited. 

Onto the service. I was very pleased by the hospitality of the staff, they were very friendly throughout my visit to The Grand Union  where nothing was ever 'too much'. 

The lovely rooftop with plenty of seating, was very windy at this point so I did not get to enjoy it however i will definitely be back!

This picture clearly suggests how much of a good time I had, me and my mr have vowed that The Grand Union will be the spot for our cheat day meals and a recommendation to all our friends and families. 

Not to miss: Visit The Grand Union Monday-Friday 12:00-3PM to scoop up a the Love Lunch deal! Get a burger, drink & fries for just £6.50.

Other Locations:  Brixton, Chancery Lane, Paddington, Camberwell, Farringdon, Wandsworth and Camden. 
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Many thanks to Emma at Roche Communications for giving me the opportunity to review The Grand Union and to the lovely staff at Kennington for making my visit very pleasant. 

This review is part of a things to do in Kennington (London) series. 

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