Gold 22 // Remi Shine Human Hair Extensions Review

Sunday, 31 August 2014 London, UK

 Hello lovelies! 

I know you've all been wondering 'How did Zaineb grow her hair so long'? Let's just clarify I'm wearing extensions hahah (looks so natural right?).
For many years I'd been using Premium Now European hair when I wanted to add some length to my tresses. More recently I've discovered that the quality of Premium Now European hair isn't as good as it used to be so I really just wanted a change. 
I'd had many conversations with friends and family about brands and it seemed I'd always get recommended companies that sell Luxury Brazillian/Peruvian hair. If I'm honest, I wasn't prepared to spend like £60 for a bundle of hair so I decided to do some research. 

I came across Gold 22 who were already following me on twitter so from there I just had a browse of their website which I absolutely love! Can I just put it out there.. this is no ordinary hair brand. Gold 22 sell everything from their own brand hair (Luxe and Lustre) to babyliss hair straighteners, L'oreal products and are even stocked in Superdrug (proof: click me)! I was definitely sold when I saw the last part, I've seen far too many stories where girls have spent hundreds of pounds on extensions and have been totally ripped of so I definitely felt safe! 

Anyway onto the review, 

Straight or curly?
Before I ordered the hair, I wasn't sure which colour to go for as my hair is mixed, so I emailed the company first... they were very swift and instantly got back to me with the right match. I ordered the Remi Shine Straight Weft in 18 inches and in colour P4/27 as recommended by the Gold 22 team. 
I J'adore this hair. I have a sew in as I do not have the time to clip in extensions in every morning and really want to protect my hair from this horrible weather we've been getting recently. 
When I first installed my weave the first thing I said was "OMG this hair is super silky". No kidding! It literally slips and slides off my shoulders making me feel like Pocahontas.

I've had this hair in for just over a week now and took the above picture as of 30/08/2014. I've left one side straight and one side with loose curls just so you can see the difference. The hair has not turned dry after curling or straightening which often happens with Premium Now hair, and doesn't tangle much (when it does its so easy to just brush out). I haven't witnessed any shedding of the hair which I'm so pleased with because this has been a real problem previously with other brands.

Have a look at some pictures:
Hair - fresh out of the packet

One side straight - the other curly 

Magazine - lustre hair styles which are affordable
Colour chart - matching your hair made easy
My recommendations:
Gold 22 are based in the UK however do ship internationally. If you're from the UK and order over £50 you'll receive free delivery. 
- All you need is two packets of hair to achieve this full look 
- Use the contact form for any help regarding colour matching 
- Have a look at their Lustre fusion mix (a mix of synthetic and human hair for more volume) , I want to try about 3 of their curly hair looks.. 

& That's it Thanks for reading! 

P.S Gold 22 hair starts at just £5 a packet - have a look: click me :O 

Sunday Strength #2 - Managing Your Time

London, UK

Happy Sunday my loves! 

I missed my Sunday Strength post last week however I bring you something we could all be doing better,-managing our time. 

If you've been following my blog, twitter, instagram etc you'll know that more recently I've become super busy and have been managing my time quiet well actually. 

Let me let you in on a secret.... 

 Social media has become my life. I love it and hate it at times as I work Monday-Friday writing content for a Tour Operators website and managing their social media which is very fun, but as you know I own and manage Blogging Gals which also requires a lot of attention and there's this little blog of mine that I am also trying to keep up with. It's very hard, time consuming and tiring... but when in doubt I always remember that everything I'm doing now is preparing me for my future. 
I am very level headed and want the best for myself and those around me so I literally thrive off hard work, which seems to be paying off. 

How do I manage my time? 
Rest. Well first of all I get at least 7 hours of sleep a day, I think its so important for those of us with busy lifestyles so that has to be a number one priority. 

Organisation. I love me a good old 'to do list' perfectly written and important bits highlighted to ensure I get tasks done. 

Busy bee. Although I sleep for 7 hours I literally work throughout the day. This is true indeed, Blogging Gals alone takes up so much of my time, I run the twitter page alone, emails have to be answered and I'm doing the website design myself too. 
After a long day at work doing pretty much the same thing, I can assure you this is what I do not want to be doing in my spare time... but hey presto! It'll all pay off :)

Scheduling. For all those bloggers out there this is key to blogging success. I've had this blog for so long and never have I been so inconsistent with something. 
I've started to schedule blog posts because I find it to be so much easier, more recently I have started to schedule some tweets simply because I need to try and get my personal blog out there as well as the promotion of BG! 

Exercise. Grrr, this has fallen behind which makes me sad. As I sit here with a bloated stomach from my juicy snacks this weekend I'm sat here thinking: 'Girl you need to exercise more'. I will be doing a home workout tonight and hopefully throughout the week. I'll keep you updated with this. 

Managing time is not about doing 101 things in one day and stressing over your tasks. Managing time is bettering our organisational skills to tackle tasks we have to do, and helps us effectively prepare for tasks we love!

Here are some quotes that will make you think: 

How do you manage your time? 

How To Maintain Nails After Acrylics // 5 Simple Tips

Saturday, 30 August 2014 London, UK

So, you've had a set of the most beautiful acrylic nails and now it's time to take them off. You're not prepared for what's to come... what do you do next? 
Below I've compiled a list of tips for you. I've been using these methods on and off since my last full set of acrylic nails and I must say they seem to be growing better than ever!

Tip 1: 
Get a professional to take your acrylics off. Don't sit there trying to bite them off  (I've seen girls do this on many occasions), 1 its gross and two tugging on your nails will only slow your growth process down. 

Tip 2: 
This is probably the most simplest tip of them all but cutting and filing your nails after you've had a set of acrylics is so important. Often our nails are chipped and raggedy looking after taking the set off, so starting from scratch is always the best way. 

Tip 3: 
Now for all you cleanaholics (like me) it is SO important to protect your hands! Use gloves whilst cleaning as chemicals in cleaning products can seriously damage your hands and nails - dryness on both your hands and nails will occur if you don't take care of your hands whilst cleaning. 

Tip 4: 
Your nails need TLC too! You take good care of your hair right? Making sure ends are not dry etc? Well, It's the same with your nails! 
I suggest once a month take an oil of your choice (Almond or Olive oil are my faves), warm it up in the microwave for about 30 seconds.. dab some cotton wool into the oil then apply on nails. This will leave your nails moisturised and have you on the way to repair in no time! 

Tip 5: 
It's all in your diet! Foods rich in biotin have been proven to aid nail growth progress. Foods such as strawberries, cucumber and onion are just some fruit and veg that contain biotin so eat lots of it ;) If you don't like fruit and veg much I'd recommend perhaps taking some biotin tablets which can be purchased from  most food and health stores such as Holland and Barret 
Also drink lots of water! 

Added Tips:
Always use a strengthening base coat when painting nails (Sally Hansen have some good ones), Don't paint your nails too often as your a stripping them from their natural oils, Use creams enriched with Vitamin E to promote healthy nail growth. 

So those are my top 5 tips for maintaining nails after acrylics. I hope you take some good tips away from this, you'll definitely see a great change! 

High Street Foundations For Tanned Skin

Wednesday, 27 August 2014 London, UK

Greetings beauties! Today I bring you a post on high street foundations for tanned skin. What foundation is the best you ask? Stick around to find out more.

From left to right:
Maybelline New York 'Dream Satin; liquid // #60 Caramel
L'oreal Paris 'True Match' foundation // #D.8 W.8 Golden Cappucino
Maybelline New York 'Fit Me' foundation // #210 Sandy beige 
So I've done a little test on my hands just so you can get a glimpse of what the colours look like, its really odd how the second and third swatches look the same. I can assure you they are two different foundations.

Here are the foundations slightly rubbed into the back of my hands. 

& here are the foundations rubbed in slightly better. 
Verdict from left to right 
I just laughed when I had a look at the dream satin liquid... I mean I look like I have been roasted to death! This foundation is very thick and heavy, you most certainly feel it on your face and clearly isn't my colour.
L'oreals True Match - I've mentioned this on my blog so many times and it has to be my most favourite foundation ever used. I've used MAC, Elizabeth Arden and Oxygen by benefit and I must say they do not compare. What I love about this foundation is that you can either dress it up and down. Now, what I mean by that is I can simply mix this with a tinted moisturiser for a subtle look or I can get full coverage just by applying the foundation alone or with a powder. The foundation is light, so lasts a long time and doesn't break the bank balance.. Let me add this foundation is two shades darker than my skin tone which I tend to opt for to match my neck and shoulder area.

Onto Maybelline's fit me foundation... I just don't know with this one. It's obviously too light and when rubbed into the skin it really moisturises it and turns into a powder (has anyone experienced this with MB fit me?). I don't mind powdery foundations however just don't take to this foundation. I've had it on for about an hour on my hand and It's completely gone... definitely not great for those of us out all day. 

Overall - you probably guessed already.. I recommend L'oreals true match forever and always! I must say I do get a great foundation when mixing all three together.. I may do a whole makeup look just to show you all.
 I would really love to hear you foundation recommendations especially if you have a better suggestion, no harm in trying something new, I'd love to be blown away! 

Sunday Strength - Finding Your Happiness #1

Sunday, 17 August 2014 London, UK

Hi everyone, firstly let me wish you a very happy Sunday :) Today's post...

So, for a while now I've seen my babe Grace from do these Sunday Strength posts which I think are really admirable. She discusses issues and also gives advice on how to overcome them with important contacts where individuals can seek help. I have now decided to do the same simply because I think its important to share and overcome how you are feeling... better yet helping some of those who may be going through things and can seek help just by visiting a blog! 

It's crazy how most of us have so many things going on in our life yet hide it through acting normal or completely ignoring our issues, I am one of those people. I am a closed book, even some of my closest friends do not know of the things happening in my life and those who do, wonder how I remain so strong. I won't sit here and describe the ins and outs of my life however I can tell you that life works in a way in which we will never see what's coming to us. This is where my life consists of non stop ups and downs, there's the yin and the yang. For every bad thing that happens, something good follows.. but I guess that's the balance that helps us keep sane huh? 

My advice to those of you reading this post and have so much going on in your life, find that person to talk to. Yes I am a closed book at times, but when I am ready I let it all fall free. I think that's the best thing about being the way I am, I let so much s**t build up inside of me that when I finally let loose, it feels like a tonne of bricks have been lifted off my shoulders. 
Distractions aren't always bad. I find that getting my head stuck in work or projects helps me create an outlet for how I'm feeling. If I feel angry or upset, I often turn to finishing some work because 1. I know it has to be done and 2. The final result (a sense of happiness) will often help me look at my issues from a different perspective. When you are fighting an ongoing battle with life its easy for people to say 'be happy', but how do you even think of being happy when life is constantly dragging you down? My answer is to take each day as it comes. After a bad day I usually feel glum and worn out and always have a headache, knowing I don't want to wake up feeling like that I simply plant an idea in my head of being happy, often thinking about things that make me happy i.e. cooking (& eating), managing my business and pampering myself. Once I've thought about these things I then DO them. This is the tricky part right? Many of us that often feel unhappy are kind of like 'ahhh what's the point, I hate life... I'll just stay in bed all day'.. however I have a different take on things. Staying in bed all day gets you nowhere.You may have no intentions of going out  some days, however that doesn't mean you can't have a productive day at home. 
Wake up, do the housework, cook, watch TV.. blog or do something social, read, do some work... and see how better you feel already! 

Find happiness in something you love, no one can ever take that feeling away from you. 

I leave you with some pick me up quotes... 

Remember: You're not alone, if you have difficulties speaking about your feelings write them down then read them out to yourself, find happiness in something you love this could be sports, reading.. anything! Use this as an outlet/escape to help manage what you are going through. 

Have a happy Sunday darlings.. 

Mon Petit Chéri OOTD // Zeena Xena

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Following on from my Grand Union review this is the lovely little outfit I had put together. I'm probably not the best at doing Fashion type posts but when I do I absolutely love them! 

Also I am in need of a new camera, anyone have any suggestions? Give me a little comment below. 

Coat - H&M // Bag - Mango // Hat - Ebay // Shoes - New Look // Rings - Primark

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