My Horror & Skin Saviours.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Hi guys, 
Again I am very sorry for going all MIA on you guys  I'm just such a busy bee running Blogging Gals its often very hard keeping up with my own blog. Hopefully I am able to juggle things a bit better, anyway enough sobbing already! Today's post is on product skin saviours & horrors... can you guess which one of these products I hate? No? Read on. 

So as always my clean & clear deep cleansing lotion has always been in my skincare routine for years (since I was in secondary school actually) I cannot live without it. For someone with very oily skin the product helps keep the excess oil at bay, removes dirt that cannot be seen and also helps to prevent spots. Now, about a week and a half ago I was recommended Philosophy's 'purity' 3 in one cleanser for the face and eyes.. I was actually excited to try this as a friend recommended it however its not not a product I myself would endorse. I used this to remove my makeup and my oh my did it do a good job it was quiet foamy so easily took the makeup off, I didn't feel any burning sensations if anything my face felt very smooth upon using it.
The next morning I woke up with this rash on my cheeks, my skin had reacted to the ingredients really badly where my face  felt like it had some sort of carpet/sun burn, it was unbelievably dry and not a good look for me at all. As I attend many events I needed something that I felt would give me a quick fix, as in fix my skin to how it was! I actually started using my natural cocoa bar (cannot take a picture as my cat has eaten it up.. no seriously) which can be found in many beauty supply stores across the globe, I used this as it is penetrates the natural oil into the skin very well and kept on using this for the whole week. My skin started to heal but I noticed a few spots were popping up too and decided I had to take action and come up with a proper skincare routine. 
So before bed and in the morning I use the products pictured below from left to right:
1. Clean & Clear's exfoliating wash - I use this to scrub away all my impurities and it also unblocks your pores
2. Clean & Clear's deep cleansing lotion as mentioned above 
3. Nivea's daily essentials which also cleanses the skin, tones, moisturises and smells so good!

Seriously guys, I usually hate writing long posts like these but after my skin horror these products have exceeded my expectations. All I wanted was for my skin to go back to how it was and now its in even better condition - super soft and constantly moisturised YAY for drugstore brands. 

Purity by philosophy claims to be 'made simple' yet has 101 ingredients in (slight exaggeration) including sulfates and alcohols some of the below products do too however do not claim to be 'natural' and yes this is what they claim their brand is, 0* from me! 

Before I forget I have also been using Gosh's velvet touch foundation primer before applying makeup so may have aided to the baby butt softness of my skin! 

Peace out XO

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