DIY: Homemade mask for skin, hair and nails

Sunday, 8 June 2014 London, UK

Yes! You read the caption correct.. I have most certainly whipped up a special treat for you guys. 
Can you say yes to at least one of the following: Do you have dry and damaged hair? Brittle nails? and or skin that quickly dries no matter how much you cream it? Well no fear Zee's ultimate all in one beauty product is here!

Right, so as you probably guessed from my previous post I've had braids (synthetic hair plaited into my own) for about three weeks now. Looks pretty but really was a handful in terms of sleeping, showering and was generally super heavy as I used way too much hair. Anyway I had enough of the style simply because I didn't feel clean even if I washed the braids, and have found I must be allergic to the hair as I have a bit of a rash all over my face. When I've done a protective hairstyle previously and taken it out I always do some sort of treatment on my hair just to restore all the natural goodness back into it again.

Let's begin!
All in one beauty product - one small banana, 4 tbsp avocado, 1 tbsp honey, 2 tbsp premium coconut milk , 1 tbsp argan oil  1/4 cup water then blend. 
If you suffer from dry hair, skin and nails this mix is definitely a winner have a look at the properties of each ingredient for hair, you'll be amazed.  
Treatment: So if you are using this as a treatment just after taking down a protective style I recommend sectioning your hair and thoroughly covering all sections with the mixture. Then leave it in for an hour covering your hair with a shower cap or clean plastic bag. 
For those with fine/european hair I'd recommend doing the same as the above, however keeping the mixture in for about 10-15 minutes, afro, kinkys, coilys and curlies I'd recommend you leave this mix in for 20 minutes and then wash. 

As a Face Mask: The same mixture can also be used for the face, using a spoon similar to the one above spread the mixture all over the face using the back end of the spoon and leave for a maximum of 20 minutes. 
Hands and Nails: I suffer from really dry hands because I have an obsession with washing them like constantly! This mixture can be used as a hand moisturiser and nail restorer, again spread the mixture onto hands.. then using plastic gloves or cling film leave the mixture on for 5-10 minutes. 

Tada... do you feel brand spanking new? Cause I do! (Have a look at my results below).
I used the oranges to cleanse my scalp before washing, it is also known to get rid of dandruff. 
Used Garnier ultimate blends collection
Shea butter - shampoo
Coconut - Conditioner
Coconut - Restorative treatment

As always if you do try this, I'd love for you to comment below and let me know how everything went or if you'd love to try this also comment below. 
I'll be whipping up some more home made beauty treatments as part of a series so look out for that! 

Until next time! 

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