REVIEW: Vita Coco - Natural Coconut Water

Friday, 30 May 2014

Right so lately I've gone coco CRAZY! No seriously, I don't know what's happened to me but all of a sudden I like coconuts. For years I've managed to stay away from them only using creams and hair products containing coconuts. 
Anyway, recently I've just gone off cows milk.. (I have my moments where I just go off different foods) so have been using coconut milk as a replacement for tea etc. I've also been meaning to detox as my diet hasn't been so good lately so was glad to see a carton of Vita Coco in the fridge after my mum had done some food shopping (shoutout to my mother she always hooks me up). My first reaction I was actually like 'ew what the hell... I hate coconut water' and now you'll see me running to the nearest corner store for my next fix! 
So how did this happen? you ask. I am a firm believer in persistence, as I want to start eating more healthy again I just kinda forced myself to like it.. Now I love it! Vita Coco is really refreshing it just has that lovely coconut taste and such a beautiful texture. 

Why are you drinking this? Before I even knew about the health benefits I'd seen Rihanna advertising this drink.. not a reason as to why I started drinking this but for years I'd been interested in the product. On to the health benefits, Vita Coco is:
- probably one of the best quench thirsters around 
- very low in calories 
- apparently has more pottasium than four bananas 
- is great for skin
and many other benefits!  

*Note to readers* please be mindful of what brand you choose, when I was in tescos stocking up on my new found love I came across three other coconut water brands (mainly afro Caribbean brands). As nice as Caribbean food is, we all know its not the healthiest.. when I read some of the ingredients I noticed that they included loads of sugars.
I paid £3.49 for 1 litre not exactly the cheapest drink around, but if you think about the health benefits and how hard it must be to produce this stuff in bulk you'll definitely find that its worth it!
If you exercise I'd definitely recommend this as a drink to keep you hydrated, if you'd like to tone up this summer (like me) I'd definitely say this a great product to incorporate in your diet.

Visit Vita Coco here

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