REVIEW: Primark Cupcake Stick On Nails

Monday, 26 May 2014

 Cupcake nails by Primark - yes you saw correct PRIMARK! 
Now me and my nails have had a rough journey, I've probably painted them less than 15 times this year because I simply cannot find a nail varnish that dries fast enough, doesn't chip or dent when it is 'dry'! 
I'm no professional when it comes to nails so gathered I'd just give up painting them as often as I used to (I really do get annoyed when they don't turn out how I want them to hehe).
Anyway, more recently, I visited primark for some hair bands and upon my trip I found these cute cupcake nails.... 

Nails: Primark
Rings: Dixie Graze 

They look great don't they? yes they do, but I'm really not impressed by how long they last.. lets just say half an hour - if that.
Seems like many bloggers/vloggers that have reviewed Primark's nails seem to be having the same problem, you put them on ensure they are dry.. try pulling them to see if they come off (they don't) then as soon as you go out... POOF you look down at your hand and find that a nail is missing already! I mean its ridiculous but what can we expect for £1? 
Some people are able to wear these nails for near enough a week (beats me) and many have suggested buying a different nail glue and buffing the nails prior to sticking them on. 

These nails are so cute and I have another set that would be great for summer so cannot say bye bye to them just yet! 
Seems like I have no luck with nails at all (eek) need to get my mojo back! 

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