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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Hello all... so yes from the title you may have guessed I'm entering the cosmopolitan blog awards FINALLY! I've wanted to enter for about two years but never thought my blog was good enough or found that I wasn't consistent enough with posting and overall my blog did not look the part. After finishing university and achieving all that I have,  I've finally decided it is time to enter (waheyy) but I'm going to need your help! 
Clicking the link here will take you to the cosmopolitan blog awards page you can have a read of the first page or scroll down to the bottom of the page and click 'next page'.
& then kindly fill out some details which are as follows: 
- Your email 
- My blog (
- Entry category (I'm going for 'best lifestyle' blog)
- Then give a brief description as to why you 'love' my blog (you can also mention my business 'blogging gals' and the use of social media I incorporate if you haven't followed my personal blog widely). 
- Lastly my blog is not under a year old so please select 'no' where it applies.
- Tick or untick the following boxes then click submit - WHAM your done! 

Thanks to those who do vote for me and if any of my followers are also entering the cosmo awards please leave your blog details, I will be more than happy to check your blogs out and vote those of you who I believe deserve the award. 
Why not have a look at Next's website for some great fashion finds? They have so many cute pastel and floral pieces (you know how crazy I am about pastels). 

Until next time, 

p.s if you vote for me I'd love for you to comment below! 

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