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Monday, 26 May 2014

Hi Lovelies hope you're all enjoying this bank holiday weekend! 

So yesterday I attended the Afro Hair & Beauty Live show with the rest of the Blogging Gals Shanice and Vanessa  thanks to the lovely ladies over at UK Naturals
Unfortunately I got to the event really late and missed the bloggers lounge talk (sighs deeply) so really did not have the chance to mingle with everyone as much as I wanted to. 
Needless to say, Rachel and Naomi were very welcoming and super duper nice the BG team will definitely be attending more future events of theirs. 
I did get to snap some of the stands speak to photographers, bloggers etc which was nice.. Next year I will definitely be more planned and make sure I have not got loads going on the day I attend.
Shoutout to the lovely lady over at Spell Magazine thoroughly enjoyed speaking to her and definitely think I've found a new magazine to obsess over! 

Anyway, if you are looking for some new products to buy have a look at some of the brands I mention below as they have great hair care and growth ranges.. by the way I've saved the best pic until last so make sure you don't skip it! 
Let's go...
Taliah Waajid - natural hair products for curly, coily, kinky hair and for those who locks their hair.

Children's styling and hair repair cream.
- Prevents breakage
- Adds sheen and moisture
- Conditions
Visit website here
These products have to be one of the most raved about natural hair products in the UK.
I've personally never tried JC solution however with the reviews I've seen I think this is something I'd definitely love to try.
Visit website here

Now I am a fan of Beautiful Textures especially their moisture butter.. at the moment I have braids in and my scalp is unbelievable dry. Nothing except the moisture butter will moisturise my scalp like this product does. 

Just the name of the product makes me want to try the whole range.
Now I'm sure you've heard the wonders these products do?  If not Hairfinity is apparently a unique hair formula enriched with biotin, niacin, Vitamin A and many other vitamins. Vanessa purchased these pills and I'm glad she did as I would not try something like this without any of my friends or family trying it first so I'm sure she'll keep you updated via her blog.
Read more and purchase here

Former stylists of the year putting their talents to work! 
Toya Washington - Now on Big Brother
check out her youtube channel here

Last but not least.. I met the beautiful Taren Guy I've been subscribed to her channel for years she's such a lovely lady and must I say even more beautiful in person!
Subscribe to her channel here

Well hope you enjoyed this post.. and again thanks to UK naturals for inviting me make sure you are subscribed to their youtube channel here

& Guys apologies with some pictures and the black dot.. during my blogging break my camera wasn't stored properly and something must have leaked in it :( time to get a new one I think!

p.s I'f you attended the Afro Hair and Beauty Show Live and I missed you comment below so I can check out your blog!
Much Love!

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