REVIEW: Vita Coco - Natural Coconut Water

Friday, 30 May 2014

Right so lately I've gone coco CRAZY! No seriously, I don't know what's happened to me but all of a sudden I like coconuts. For years I've managed to stay away from them only using creams and hair products containing coconuts. 
Anyway, recently I've just gone off cows milk.. (I have my moments where I just go off different foods) so have been using coconut milk as a replacement for tea etc. I've also been meaning to detox as my diet hasn't been so good lately so was glad to see a carton of Vita Coco in the fridge after my mum had done some food shopping (shoutout to my mother she always hooks me up). My first reaction I was actually like 'ew what the hell... I hate coconut water' and now you'll see me running to the nearest corner store for my next fix! 
So how did this happen? you ask. I am a firm believer in persistence, as I want to start eating more healthy again I just kinda forced myself to like it.. Now I love it! Vita Coco is really refreshing it just has that lovely coconut taste and such a beautiful texture. 

Why are you drinking this? Before I even knew about the health benefits I'd seen Rihanna advertising this drink.. not a reason as to why I started drinking this but for years I'd been interested in the product. On to the health benefits, Vita Coco is:
- probably one of the best quench thirsters around 
- very low in calories 
- apparently has more pottasium than four bananas 
- is great for skin
and many other benefits!  

*Note to readers* please be mindful of what brand you choose, when I was in tescos stocking up on my new found love I came across three other coconut water brands (mainly afro Caribbean brands). As nice as Caribbean food is, we all know its not the healthiest.. when I read some of the ingredients I noticed that they included loads of sugars.
I paid £3.49 for 1 litre not exactly the cheapest drink around, but if you think about the health benefits and how hard it must be to produce this stuff in bulk you'll definitely find that its worth it!
If you exercise I'd definitely recommend this as a drink to keep you hydrated, if you'd like to tone up this summer (like me) I'd definitely say this a great product to incorporate in your diet.

Visit Vita Coco here

Motel Rocks Sample Sale

Tuesday, 27 May 2014 London W1W 7LP, UK

Hi guys! 
Something a little different on le blog.. The amazing Motel Rocks are having a sample sale this week (details are below) which I'm excited about as I always missed these sales when I was living in Northampton. 
Not to fear, I will definitely be heading down to this sample sale where I hope to bag some beauties and meet some of you!

Have a look at Motel's website here they have a lot of great pieces at the moment and 20% off for students! 
Well that's it for today, I hope you've all had a great bank holiday weekend.

REVIEW: Primark Cupcake Stick On Nails

Monday, 26 May 2014

 Cupcake nails by Primark - yes you saw correct PRIMARK! 
Now me and my nails have had a rough journey, I've probably painted them less than 15 times this year because I simply cannot find a nail varnish that dries fast enough, doesn't chip or dent when it is 'dry'! 
I'm no professional when it comes to nails so gathered I'd just give up painting them as often as I used to (I really do get annoyed when they don't turn out how I want them to hehe).
Anyway, more recently, I visited primark for some hair bands and upon my trip I found these cute cupcake nails.... 

Nails: Primark
Rings: Dixie Graze 

They look great don't they? yes they do, but I'm really not impressed by how long they last.. lets just say half an hour - if that.
Seems like many bloggers/vloggers that have reviewed Primark's nails seem to be having the same problem, you put them on ensure they are dry.. try pulling them to see if they come off (they don't) then as soon as you go out... POOF you look down at your hand and find that a nail is missing already! I mean its ridiculous but what can we expect for £1? 
Some people are able to wear these nails for near enough a week (beats me) and many have suggested buying a different nail glue and buffing the nails prior to sticking them on. 

These nails are so cute and I have another set that would be great for summer so cannot say bye bye to them just yet! 
Seems like I have no luck with nails at all (eek) need to get my mojo back! 

Afro Hair & Beauty Live With UK Naturals

Hi Lovelies hope you're all enjoying this bank holiday weekend! 

So yesterday I attended the Afro Hair & Beauty Live show with the rest of the Blogging Gals Shanice and Vanessa  thanks to the lovely ladies over at UK Naturals
Unfortunately I got to the event really late and missed the bloggers lounge talk (sighs deeply) so really did not have the chance to mingle with everyone as much as I wanted to. 
Needless to say, Rachel and Naomi were very welcoming and super duper nice the BG team will definitely be attending more future events of theirs. 
I did get to snap some of the stands speak to photographers, bloggers etc which was nice.. Next year I will definitely be more planned and make sure I have not got loads going on the day I attend.
Shoutout to the lovely lady over at Spell Magazine thoroughly enjoyed speaking to her and definitely think I've found a new magazine to obsess over! 

Anyway, if you are looking for some new products to buy have a look at some of the brands I mention below as they have great hair care and growth ranges.. by the way I've saved the best pic until last so make sure you don't skip it! 
Let's go...
Taliah Waajid - natural hair products for curly, coily, kinky hair and for those who locks their hair.

Children's styling and hair repair cream.
- Prevents breakage
- Adds sheen and moisture
- Conditions
Visit website here
These products have to be one of the most raved about natural hair products in the UK.
I've personally never tried JC solution however with the reviews I've seen I think this is something I'd definitely love to try.
Visit website here

Now I am a fan of Beautiful Textures especially their moisture butter.. at the moment I have braids in and my scalp is unbelievable dry. Nothing except the moisture butter will moisturise my scalp like this product does. 

Just the name of the product makes me want to try the whole range.
Now I'm sure you've heard the wonders these products do?  If not Hairfinity is apparently a unique hair formula enriched with biotin, niacin, Vitamin A and many other vitamins. Vanessa purchased these pills and I'm glad she did as I would not try something like this without any of my friends or family trying it first so I'm sure she'll keep you updated via her blog.
Read more and purchase here

Former stylists of the year putting their talents to work! 
Toya Washington - Now on Big Brother
check out her youtube channel here

Last but not least.. I met the beautiful Taren Guy I've been subscribed to her channel for years she's such a lovely lady and must I say even more beautiful in person!
Subscribe to her channel here

Well hope you enjoyed this post.. and again thanks to UK naturals for inviting me make sure you are subscribed to their youtube channel here

& Guys apologies with some pictures and the black dot.. during my blogging break my camera wasn't stored properly and something must have leaked in it :( time to get a new one I think!

p.s I'f you attended the Afro Hair and Beauty Show Live and I missed you comment below so I can check out your blog!
Much Love!

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Cosmopolitan Blog Awards In Association With Next

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Hello all... so yes from the title you may have guessed I'm entering the cosmopolitan blog awards FINALLY! I've wanted to enter for about two years but never thought my blog was good enough or found that I wasn't consistent enough with posting and overall my blog did not look the part. After finishing university and achieving all that I have,  I've finally decided it is time to enter (waheyy) but I'm going to need your help! 
Clicking the link here will take you to the cosmopolitan blog awards page you can have a read of the first page or scroll down to the bottom of the page and click 'next page'.
& then kindly fill out some details which are as follows: 
- Your email 
- My blog (
- Entry category (I'm going for 'best lifestyle' blog)
- Then give a brief description as to why you 'love' my blog (you can also mention my business 'blogging gals' and the use of social media I incorporate if you haven't followed my personal blog widely). 
- Lastly my blog is not under a year old so please select 'no' where it applies.
- Tick or untick the following boxes then click submit - WHAM your done! 

Thanks to those who do vote for me and if any of my followers are also entering the cosmo awards please leave your blog details, I will be more than happy to check your blogs out and vote those of you who I believe deserve the award. 
Why not have a look at Next's website for some great fashion finds? They have so many cute pastel and floral pieces (you know how crazy I am about pastels). 

Until next time, 

p.s if you vote for me I'd love for you to comment below! 

Debenhams & Very Network's A/W 14 Press Day

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Greetings readers, 
Today I had the chance to attend not one but two fashion press days held by Debenhams and Very  with the lovely Helena.. I must say both events were put together well with lots of great fashion pieces, friendly ladies from Lee Publicity and great treats (I'm still lusting over the popping candy cake pops from the Very event mmm). 

My favourite piece by Debenhams definitely has to be the orange oversized coat pictured below, I noticed that this piece was quiet popular with the other attendees so I predict it to be a huge hit this AW14. My favourite pieces by Very has to be the nude two piece (I've attached the picture and the price below). Everyone knows I love a good ol' two piece but during winter I tend to shy away from them as it is way too cold here in the UK, however this particular two piece is perfect for winter as it is an appropriate length which can easily be paired with tights. 
I also noticed that pastels will be making an appearance this AW14 so don't worry ladies the trend is set to be a hit all year round. 
Anyway grab a cuppa if you need to there's a few pictures from both collections so sit back and enjoy!  

Amazing oversized coat in orange 

Red Herring's beautiful coat collection

Butterfly by Matthew Williamson
Floozie by Frost French

I fell in love with  this Bailey & Quinn handbag
Faith are definitely leading the high street with their blue hues
How cute are this hashtag clutches? 

These killer cuff heels will definitely be in my closet this AW14! 

Sleeveless trench dress only £39 

Very's Luxe collection
Here is the beauty I was on about by Love Label (Very's younger brand) - I have to have it!

That Babydoll coat is just adorable at only £69 deffo a A/W must have 

Printed kimono by Fearne Cotton

Fur collar blanket coat

Very Berry mocktail was super delicious
(oh and their white chocolate covered, chocolate popping candy cake pops)
Super cool bar - those refreshing mocktails and desserts topped our night for sure!

Well that's it guys - two fabulous events by great brands... make sure you keep your eyes peeled for both Autumn/Winter collections.

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