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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Its that time of year again.. yes time to stock up on our summer handbag collection ladies! Now I'm not a big fan of designer handbags (never have been), simply because you see everyone with the same thing these days; Louis Vuitton, Celine and Michael Kors have to be the most overrated designers of all time. I mean no matter the cost women seem to die over these bags (or the replicas).. & I mean that's just not me.

Handbags & Holidays... 'what has holidays got to do with this post' you ask?
So, when I travel instead of bagging the odd keyring or random souvenir I like to take it up a level often coming home with handbags, purses, home d├ęcor and/or traditional dresses. 
The bags pictured above and below are from Morocco (my home town) and cost less than a tenner each (thanks to my haggling aunty)!
 Let's talk about the bag below, Accessorize for many years have done similar handbags to this beauty but retailing at £40+ pounds, the price has always left a big fat question mark in my thoughts surrounded by the following words: just no, too expensive, but I like it, its so pretty, Morocco is cheaper! 
The only thing about these bags are that they are real leather and often stink like a farm (I literally had to wrap the one below in a bin bag as my room had this awful smell lingering in the air haha).

* For those who do not wish to purchase real leather, there are some other alternatives. 

The point of this post is to encourage my readers to take full advantage of their holidays this year, I know most of you have holidays already booked so if its your first time visiting the destination why not do some souvenir research? Find out what the country has to offer, have a look at some reviews of local markets so you are well prepared.  

Anyone off to Morocco this year? You are in for a real treat especially if you are Hamsa obsessed (Morocco is one of the best places to visit for hamsa necklaces, hamsa candles, hamsa handbags/clutches.. the list is endless).

I really hope this post encourages some of you to purchase some great buys from the places you visit! (ooh I'm such a bad influence). 
Those visiting: 
Will definitely come back with loads of AMAZING treats (don't forget me)..

Lots of Love

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