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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Can you tell the photos below were taken using my apple iphone 4s camera? 
Dammit if you can! I've left my camera charger in London so have had to improvise, I thought to myself I can't just not blog for a week and a half so... tada my apple babe saved me :) 
Moving swiftly on! 
If you follow me on twitter you probably already know that I am the founder of Blogging Gals an online community for British based bloggers (check us out). So, as I was planning a team meetup I thought it'd be nice to also put together some goody bags for the team for their hard efforts so far in promoting etc. 
I was thrilled that so many brands offered to provide the team with some goodies (thank you all).
So let's begin reviewing.... 

Sainsbury's Boutique makeup range  
- Cloud Cuckoo Land nail polish (11ml)
- Wild Goose Chase nail polish (11ml)
- Cat That Got The Cream lip gloss (6ml)
- Burning The Midnight Oil eye shdaow (6m)
Can I just say whoever comes up with these product names is just genius!
Right, so in the picture below I am wearing the Cloud Cuckoo Land nail polish. I've only used one coat of nail polish, which is amazing as with nearly every nail polish I use I usually have to use two or three, and drying time was perfect only took about 10 minutes! 
I also tried the Cat That Got The Cream lip gloss, its definitely something I'd wear over a nude lipstick and not by itself as it is quiet sticky and is not long lasting. 
I'm yet to try the eye shadow but will definitely include it in a smoky eye look.
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I was sooooooooo happy we got to collab with Dimuene, as the rings they do are simply amazing!  
I got sent a variety of rings by Maria at Dimuene, I did choose the largest ring that got sent simply because it was love at first sight and is something I would buy in a heartbeat! 
Dimuene offer the rings to be purchased as a set for £10 or individually for £3 p&p is £1

Resultime by Collin Paris (Paraben free)
- Anti-ageing mask
- Gel Collagen 
I haven't actually tried any of the above on my face but did a quick try on my hands, I washed and dried my hands massaging a small amount of the Collagen gel into my skin. I actually noticed that this product instantly plumped and moisturised my skin which is something I do find my skin needs. 
The anti ageing mask will be given to my mother as like me she loves trying new products and does not want to get old (n'aww)! 
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Many thanks to Roxanne Clements at Fraser Muir for sending the team these samples to try. 

- R&B Hair Moisturiser
I've not tried this yet, but this product was recommended to me by one of the guys at Lush Northampton as I do have very dry hair. According to the Lush website this formula was specifically created for those with afro or curly hair as it conditions well. Some key ingredients feature; avocado butter, extra virgin coconut oil, and jojoba oil. 
Cannot wait to try this product!! 

Now this has to be one of the best discoveries like ever! Back in January I went to the Clothes Show Live and had a bottle of Laimon Fresh in a goodie bag all I can say is wow! 
If you are a fan of mint, lemon and lime together just imagine it all in the form of a fizzy drink. I will be doing a separate post on these drinks (that's how amazing they are) so won't give away too much right now. 
Thanks to Rebecca Longhurst at the Impact Agency for sending the team these.

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Lots of love, 

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