#BLFW Day 1

Friday, 28 March 2014

Bloggers Fashion Week, what can I say Danielle? You did it again. 
Well I'll save all of the goodness until my last #BLFW post.. but a quick thank you to Danielle for organising this spectacular event, she does it ALL by herself, so definitely deserves a round of applause! 

If you're reading this I absolutely adore you and cannot wait to work on our projects in the future! 

So if you didn't know this was the first ever Bloggers Fashion Week, in honour of the fabulous London Fashion Week in aid of bloggers and their blogs. Often us bloggers get invited to many events but not many highlight what we do or give us enough inspiration to do better. 
From talks, to catwalks and general networking with bloggers, brands, press, and celebs - Bloggers Fashion Week was definitely the place to be during this week. Held in Penthouse London with the most astonishing views... I think its safe to say we all left feeling excited for the future. 

Bring on #BLFW 2015 (: 

Top & Skirt - Miss Guided
Shoes - New Look
Clutch - Vanessa John-Baptiste
Watch - Casio Mini
Nails - Models Own Gel Effect

Now this lady needs no introduction, but if you don't know my lovely friend Miss Alisha White was BNTM 'S cycle 6 runner up!
Recently she has created her own line of FIERCE lashes called 'Model It' My fave were the Model It lashes, I personally don't wear eyelashes as mines are really long anyway but If I did it'd have to be these ones for that simple everyday look.
Follow Alisha's brand here and the creator herself here

Want to pimp your heels? Shoe Licks offers just that!
Take a look at their website here they have many designs.

Maro - by Egyptian jewellery designer Mariam Andrawiss
It was lovely speaking to Mariam and loved trying on some of her jewellery!

Taro Collection
funky hand made jewellery available to buy here

Major London 05 - loved that skirt on the end
A dynamic duo, one of them designs the patterns and the other creates the garment!
shop here

I fell in love with this jumper from IWYC as you may know I absolutely adore cats!

I spent probably an hour speaking to the ladies over at Swap In The City UK
they were really sweet and my team over +BG. Gals won about four of their goodie bags (waheeeey).
If you don't know Swap In the City hosts AMAZING swishing events for those of you who have unwanted good quality clothes, the concept behind the event is great.. read more here

FROW & cupcakes by Miss Cupcakes I absolutely adore her cupcakes I've had them many times before, definitely recommend using this company for your events.

Hugs & Kisses from me and +Michelle Hung

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p.s. if you caught me at bloggers fashion week give me a shout below, would love to check your blogs out!

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