Esca - Clapham // Rainbow Cake Review

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Hello lovelies, hope you are all well. 
So today on the blog I bring you my first cafe review (quiet shocking eh? since I love food).

So Esca - a cafe on clapham high street that I've probably passed about 1000 times but never paid any attention to, about two days ago literally made my heart skip a beat.. 
Sounds crazy right? but I'm being serious! 
For years I have wanted to try a rainbow coloured cake with lots of cream and the rest of it but have never bothered to make one or search for a cafe that does one! When I walked passed this cafe I was shocked to see this rainbow coloured beauty just gazing at me, I knew it was meant to be. 

Below are a few pics of the cafe/all that it has to offer and a picture of my rainbow cake. I must say I was very disappointed with my purchase, I expected so much more. The cake was a little dry from what I presume was due to it being out in the open all day, very sugary to the point I had sugar granules in my mouth whilst chewing and overall was just a BIG disappointment. 
The service however was satisfactory and the mood of the cafe seemed very relaxed. I will not be put off by my purchase as everything else looks delicious so will be back trying one of  their delis & possibly some cheesecake. 

A HUGE thanks to my mum for actually encouraging me to go into this cafe and telling me to whip my camera out for blog content haha #gomum. 

What I got:

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