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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I was thrilled when founder of (Charlotte) offered to send Blogging Gals some cake pops for us to try and review as part of some goody bags I put together for the gals!
I've always been fascinated with cake pops and have always wanted to try them but did not know where they could be purchased.
Can I just say these are possibly better than my love for smoothies.. can you believe I am actually saying that? No.. neither can I.
Right so the outside is a lovely sweet shell that melts in your mouth and inside is a lovely moist red velvet sponge that I absolutely fell in love with. 
The sponge was of a chewy texture that I quiet liked and was also nice and chocolately.
Each cake pop has been hand crafted to perfection and has also been individually wrapped
 (as pictured below)
I'd definitely give these a 10/10 - just thinking about them makes me want more!! 
These cake pops are great for events such as birthdays, blogger gatherings, fashion/beauty events etc.

Cake Candy also do DIY cake jars, where you have all dry ingredients already prepared all you have to do is add eggs & butter. Mixes vary from:
chocolate chip, galaxy minstrels, peanut m&ms etc & can be purchased here

Cake Candy will also be bringing out a new product in March called 'candy boxes' which features cake pops, mini doughnuts, chocolate covered marshmallows, biscuits etc. 

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Will you be ordering a Cake Candy box?
I know I will!

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