Belgium - Brussels Day 2 & 3

Friday, 14 February 2014

So this is my day 2 and three Brussels post, I'll keep it short and sweet as I've not been too well lately! 
I didn't capture all the places we visited, but I did try my best to capture most places. 
We were actually meant to go to Amsterdam on day three but again I got ill >< so ended up staying in the aparthotel watching family guy & keeping up with the kardashians haha. 
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this post! 

Giant bubbles // made from rope, two sticks, water a bucket and washing up liquid.
Passers by.
St Nicoli // b e a u t i f u l cathedral.
Belgian police car. 

Mannekin Pis // & tourists

Photographer // taking a picture of Banksy style art
Royal mail? // Belgian post box
Street art
The beautiful Tayla


Mannekin Pis // street art.

Narnia? lol.

The biggest Chinese menu I've ever seen
Lots of Nougat
Grand Place
Belgian brewery
Places to visit in Brussels
1. Mini Europe 
2. Mannekin Pis
3. Grand Place 
4. Royal Theatre Toon
For more attractions please visit here

As mentioned previously, I'd love to do a budget holidays post but would love to know what destinations you guys are interested in visiting.. please comment below! 

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