Belgium - Brussels Day 1

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

First post of February? How naughty of me, I've been SOO busy this month so please forgive me! 
So if you follow me on twitter you'd see this month I visited Belgium (Brussels) with my friend. 
We checked into the Adiago aparthotel (using - central to everything costing us around £150pp for three nights (booked about two weeks before).. the staff there were absolutely delightful especially the young man that was all smiles every time he saw us.
We travelled by coach using I grabbed a bargain journey at £10.50 (I'll be doing a post on cheap holiday hunting and will explain how to grab the bargains I do). 

Anyway, so day 1 all we did was literally pranced about the square at night just getting to know our surroundings, the people and looked for a nice little restaurant that we could dine at. We ended up at Napolis, then headed back to the square where streets were full of tourists + locals tucking into chips, churros and waffles. Of course we had to get involved, after all food could probably be my first name.

I will be doing a Day 2 post shortly so please keep an eye out for that (I promise better quality pictures) haha. I'll also recommend areas to eat and attractions to visit. 
I do recommend this hotel however as its literally in the heart and everything surrounds it! 

Chocolate shop getting ready for the day of love!
Grand Place

The best thing about Brussels - waffles

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