Candy Flossin'

Monday, 24 February 2014

Candy Flossin'

River Island top
$20 -

Topshop skirt

Hanky Panky bra

River Island pink shoes
$125 -

Kurt Geiger bag
$110 -

Kate spade jewelry
$325 -

Shu uemura eye makeup
$28 -

H M pink nail polish
$8.32 -

Nearly Natural floral bowl

Witchery scented candle
$13 -

Rose Soaps - Box Of 20 Ivory
$25 -

OOTD // So Into You

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Cor blimey it is chilly out there isn't it? Who on earth told me to go out there with no socks on and distressed jeans? The things we do for fashion hey! 
"So Into You" the throwback tune by Fabolous & Tamia is forever playing in my head hence the title, not to mention when I looked at myself in the mirror today I just thought damn I'm so into this outfit. 

Anyway below are some pics & outfit deets enjoy! :) 


Thank you to the lovely ladies I met at Mahiki at the Louise Mcleod stand who handed me this beautiful piece. Was by far one of my favourite stands at the event and the reps were very friendly and explained all the products well. 

You can shop the rest of the Louise Mcleod collection here

Esca - Clapham // Rainbow Cake Review

Hello lovelies, hope you are all well. 
So today on the blog I bring you my first cafe review (quiet shocking eh? since I love food).

So Esca - a cafe on clapham high street that I've probably passed about 1000 times but never paid any attention to, about two days ago literally made my heart skip a beat.. 
Sounds crazy right? but I'm being serious! 
For years I have wanted to try a rainbow coloured cake with lots of cream and the rest of it but have never bothered to make one or search for a cafe that does one! When I walked passed this cafe I was shocked to see this rainbow coloured beauty just gazing at me, I knew it was meant to be. 

Below are a few pics of the cafe/all that it has to offer and a picture of my rainbow cake. I must say I was very disappointed with my purchase, I expected so much more. The cake was a little dry from what I presume was due to it being out in the open all day, very sugary to the point I had sugar granules in my mouth whilst chewing and overall was just a BIG disappointment. 
The service however was satisfactory and the mood of the cafe seemed very relaxed. I will not be put off by my purchase as everything else looks delicious so will be back trying one of  their delis & possibly some cheesecake. 

A HUGE thanks to my mum for actually encouraging me to go into this cafe and telling me to whip my camera out for blog content haha #gomum. 

What I got:

Cake Candy - Cake Pops Review*

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I was thrilled when founder of (Charlotte) offered to send Blogging Gals some cake pops for us to try and review as part of some goody bags I put together for the gals!
I've always been fascinated with cake pops and have always wanted to try them but did not know where they could be purchased.
Can I just say these are possibly better than my love for smoothies.. can you believe I am actually saying that? No.. neither can I.
Right so the outside is a lovely sweet shell that melts in your mouth and inside is a lovely moist red velvet sponge that I absolutely fell in love with. 
The sponge was of a chewy texture that I quiet liked and was also nice and chocolately.
Each cake pop has been hand crafted to perfection and has also been individually wrapped
 (as pictured below)
I'd definitely give these a 10/10 - just thinking about them makes me want more!! 
These cake pops are great for events such as birthdays, blogger gatherings, fashion/beauty events etc.

Cake Candy also do DIY cake jars, where you have all dry ingredients already prepared all you have to do is add eggs & butter. Mixes vary from:
chocolate chip, galaxy minstrels, peanut m&ms etc & can be purchased here

Cake Candy will also be bringing out a new product in March called 'candy boxes' which features cake pops, mini doughnuts, chocolate covered marshmallows, biscuits etc. 

Make sure you are following Cake Candy on:
Facebook - here
Instagram - @cakecandyuk
Twitter - here

Will you be ordering a Cake Candy box?
I know I will!

Cloud Candy

Monday, 17 February 2014

REVIEW // Lush Trichomania Shampoo Bar

Sunday, 16 February 2014

 Yes you read correctly, today I will be reviewing the Lush Trichomania shampoo bar. 
Initially I went into Lush to ask for some samples for some goody bags (which they kindly agreed to). 
In the process of discussing products and which would be best to sample, I saw these oddly shaped bars that caught my eye, where I just had to ask for some more information. 
Upon speaking to the advisor she pulled out loads of colourful shampoo bars, but I had explained my hair is dry and coloured so I wouldn't want anything that strips all the natural goodness. 
She explained the trichomania bar is enriched with coconut which nourishes the hair whilst washing it and is specifically targeted at dry hair. 
I asked her if the bar lathers well, the answer was YES! I got the chance to test the product over one of their sinks. 

In my personal opinion I rate this product:

I never usually wear my hair curly but had noticed when I used this shampoo bar my curls felt soft and had a nice shine to them. I did not feel the product strip my hair of any moisture at all, if anything it revitalised it.

Another decision maker as to why I bought this shampoo bar was the fact that the advisor told me this bar would last over 100+ washes (I'll keep you posted on that one). 
I will definitely take normal shampoos out of my routine thanks to this, the product lathers well, smells great and does what its supposed to do. I do highly recommend this shampoo. 

You can buy the product here
or pop into your local Lush store - this cost me £5.35 for 100g. 

OOTD // Don't Know What To Tell Ya

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Coat - H&M | Jumper - H&M | Jeans - Gap | Hat - ASOS | Shoes - Boohoo | Clutch - My own imports from Morocco. 
If you are interested in the clutch pictured below please email me over at as I have a few to sell! 

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