How To Prevent Spots!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Yes, you read the title well preventing spots is something we'd all LOVE to be able to do. 
However as temperatures seem to be getting worse (brrrr) we do need to make sure we are going the extra mile.
So we all know all types of weather conditions can cause breakouts, but how do we prevent this from happening? 
Below you'll find some tips that have been working for me lately. 

1. Use a mild face wash that suits your skin
I have a combination of oily/dry skin, where my T zone is super oily and my cheeks and chin are quiet dry. 
I use Kiko's cleansing pure gel (foaming cleanser) for combination to oily skin. 
Only £6.95 this product is paraben free and aims to eliminate impurities and removes makeup. 

2. Use cleansers/lotions that again suit your skin
I use Clean and Clear blackhead clearing cleanser which is oil free. This cleanser removes dirt that cannot be removed just by washing skin with water/face wash. 
After using this my skin is kind of dry so I then use my Lancome - Tonique Confort (re-hydrating comforting toner) which is for dry skin and after a long day I'll use my Kiko foaming wash, a face wipe, my Lancome - Galatee (cleansing milk) and before bed I will use my Lancome Hydra Zen Nuit (soothing recharging night cream). This leaves my skin hydrated for when I wake up, applying makeup is easier as the base is cleansed/moisturised.

3. Wash your makeup brushes at least once fortnightly 
Use your conditioner and hot water to do this, this will remove all makeup and bacteria while ensuring the bristles remain soft.

4. Wash hair at least once a week 
Now for those that use weaves for protective styling, this is a difficult one. But do you notice how oily/spotty your skin becomes once you do have a weave in? This is because of all the product build up in the hair that moves closer to the forehead causing a breakout.

5. Change bedsheets once every week 
(do not leave on for more than two weeks)
Just imagine all the germs our faces are being exposed to once in bed sleeping on the same pillow cover day in day out. 
& for those that don't wash their hair on a weekly basis may see more of a breakout if sheets are not changed regularly.

6. Home made treatments
Honey & Lemon face mask - Lemon is great for minimising shine, natural antibacterial/anti-fungal, lightens acne spots/blemishes.
Honey - A natural antioxidant that easily absorbs moisture keeping the skin hydrated
Other masks include: Banana, honey & oats, Avocado & honey.

Hope my tips can help, if you have tried any of the above products/remedies and have worked for you please comment below!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the images listed above.

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