HOW TO: Achieve Hairstyles Without Using Heat - Beautiful Textures Haircare Range Review

Friday, 3 January 2014

So....... as I promised back in 2013, more hair care posts! 
I've been in London for a while now & because I go out here way more than I do back at uni some good styling products were needed. 

I've actually had the Beautiful Textures range since summer, but wasn't able to take these products with me due to spacing issues in zi luggage (yes I'm one of those people that pack for a month instead of a week, In this instance I was on holiday for a month and packed for a year) :( 
people are always asking me to recommend products for their hair so I thought I'd review all of these for you! 

So the Beautiful Textures range is aimed specifically at those who have:
Curly, Wavy, Kinky-Coily or "Frizzy" hair. I put frizzy in inverted commas because I really dislike that term. 
I'll mini review each product with my honest opinion underneath each product's photo. 
Before I begin, what I really love about Beautiful Textures is at the back of each product they tell you what the product does, they give you directions for best results, styling suggestions and 'custom blends' which is to mix and match Beautiful Textures products to achieve many different styles! 

Let's begin...

Curl Definer Styling Custard 425g/15oz (£2.99)
I find this product great on freshly washed hair, for lengthening curls and adding definition.
The product is non flaky and eaves hair manageable.
However I do not like the feel of this product in my hair or hands - does not feel sticky but definitely gives that 'you need to wash your hands like NOW' feel.
I'd say this product would definitely need mixing with your favourite oil, (I'd use Argan, Olive or Almond oil) to add a hint of moisture as it does leave my hair a little dry.
Styling Tips
- This product can be used for wash & go's
- This product can also be used to do two strand twists (combining BT Curl Control Pudding for extra hold)
Curl Control - Defining Pudding
425g/15oz (£2.99)

I haven't used this much but Beautiful Textures claim this product to:
- Define & Elongate Curls, Coils & Waves
- Controls 'frizzies'
So as I don't wear my hair curly much, as a styling product this is of no use to me.
However I do sometimes wear a curly ponytail and will use this to tame any fly aways. 

Moisture Butter - Whipped Curl Creme
22g/8oz (£2.99)

Now this has got to be the best product out of them all!
Not only do I achieve moisturised hair but for styles such as twist outs this product is AMAZING!
A little really does go a long way and for best results I'd say plan your hairstyle the night before, smooth your edges and tie your hair with a headscarf.
You'll wake up with perfectly laid edges and superb waves.

The below picture shows the waves I achieved (shorter parts of the hair) did not work too well with my extensions.
For those with european hair I WOULD recommend this product if you want to achieve waves without using heat

Note: Prices may vary from store to store, these products were purchased from my local hair & beauty store but can be found on the following: 
These are UK stockists for all my American readers please visit: to find your nearest store for all my other readers please have a look at UK stockists and their international shipping details. 

If you would like any help in finding the right product for you please do not hesitate to contact, either by commenting below, using the contact form or contacting me through my social medias. 

Thank you 

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