Kiko Lipstick Haul

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

 Haven't tried these lipsticks yet but here are my most recent beauty buys, as you know I love KIKO.


From left to right:
Ultra Glossy Stylo #813 | Kiko Latex Like Lipstick #4 | Smart Lipstick #921 | Smart Lipstick #920.
(Quiet disappointed with the manufacturing of the smart lipsticks, #921 is not in line with the front where the logo is and #920 takes at least 3 minutes to twist.
I've swatched all of the lipsticks and must say the latex one is very bright and the ultra glossy lipstick is very high in shine, for the price you can't really complain). 

How To Prevent Spots!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Yes, you read the title well preventing spots is something we'd all LOVE to be able to do. 
However as temperatures seem to be getting worse (brrrr) we do need to make sure we are going the extra mile.
So we all know all types of weather conditions can cause breakouts, but how do we prevent this from happening? 
Below you'll find some tips that have been working for me lately. 

1. Use a mild face wash that suits your skin
I have a combination of oily/dry skin, where my T zone is super oily and my cheeks and chin are quiet dry. 
I use Kiko's cleansing pure gel (foaming cleanser) for combination to oily skin. 
Only £6.95 this product is paraben free and aims to eliminate impurities and removes makeup. 

2. Use cleansers/lotions that again suit your skin
I use Clean and Clear blackhead clearing cleanser which is oil free. This cleanser removes dirt that cannot be removed just by washing skin with water/face wash. 
After using this my skin is kind of dry so I then use my Lancome - Tonique Confort (re-hydrating comforting toner) which is for dry skin and after a long day I'll use my Kiko foaming wash, a face wipe, my Lancome - Galatee (cleansing milk) and before bed I will use my Lancome Hydra Zen Nuit (soothing recharging night cream). This leaves my skin hydrated for when I wake up, applying makeup is easier as the base is cleansed/moisturised.

3. Wash your makeup brushes at least once fortnightly 
Use your conditioner and hot water to do this, this will remove all makeup and bacteria while ensuring the bristles remain soft.

4. Wash hair at least once a week 
Now for those that use weaves for protective styling, this is a difficult one. But do you notice how oily/spotty your skin becomes once you do have a weave in? This is because of all the product build up in the hair that moves closer to the forehead causing a breakout.

5. Change bedsheets once every week 
(do not leave on for more than two weeks)
Just imagine all the germs our faces are being exposed to once in bed sleeping on the same pillow cover day in day out. 
& for those that don't wash their hair on a weekly basis may see more of a breakout if sheets are not changed regularly.

6. Home made treatments
Honey & Lemon face mask - Lemon is great for minimising shine, natural antibacterial/anti-fungal, lightens acne spots/blemishes.
Honey - A natural antioxidant that easily absorbs moisture keeping the skin hydrated
Other masks include: Banana, honey & oats, Avocado & honey.

Hope my tips can help, if you have tried any of the above products/remedies and have worked for you please comment below!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the images listed above.

Banana, Chocolate Chip & Cinnamon Cake.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Hi guys,
Hope you are having a great weekend so far... 
So something a little different on the blog today :) 

If you don't know already I really enjoy cooking but do not have a clue when it comes to baking! I mean I can make cupcakes or your basic chocolate or vanilla cake but when it comes to more complex stuff I'm just like meehhh can't be bothered. 
So the other day I was on tesco's website doing a shop and was having a look at their recipes for some inspiration (I'm really getting bored of the same old dishes I make). 
I came across this Banana, Chocolate chip & Cinnamon recipe and was thinking hmmm this sounds delicious let's see how hard this would be to make.
I had a look at the ingredients and I pretty much had nearly everything so thought yes let's get baking! 
This is how it turned out: 
(See below for recipe)

I am so pleased with myself, I can say this cake is easily one of the best cakes I've ever tasted. 

You will need:
- An oven dish
 (Tesco's call this bread and not cake, to me its more of  a cake hence why they use a loaf tin)
- Mixing bowl 
(& smaller cereal bowls)
- Chopping board
- Sharp Knife
- Fork
- Wooden spoon

(taken from
- 2 ripe bananas 
- 120g unsalted butter, melted and cooled
(plus some for greasing)
-2 medium eggs, beaten
- 200g caster sugar
-250g plain flour (2 cups)
- 1/2 tsp cinnamon
- 1tsp bicarbonate of soda
- 120ml milk
- 100g milk chocolate, chopped
I've amended the ingredients slightly to suit me however the original ingredients can be found on tesco's website here
Let's begin
Step 1: Preheat your oven to gas mark 5 (190oc, fan oven 170oc) 
Step 2: Grease tin or oven dish (I used just the unsalted butter, I did not line the tin)
Step 3: In a large bowl mash the bananas (I put them in a cereal bowl and added 1bsp milk and put in the microwave for 30 seconds)
Step 4: In separate bowls melt butter in microwave (30 seconds) and whisk two eggs together, when done add this to the bananas with 200g caster sugar and mix with fork
Step 5: In a large bowl mix together the dry ingredients (flour, cinnamon, bicarbonate soda) then mix with 120ml milk 
Step 6: Pour banana mixture into cake mix then add chopped chocolate
Step 7: Once mixture is smooth, spoon the contents into the oven dish or tin and cook for 1hour 20 minutes (use a skewer or long sharp knife to determine whether or not the cake is cooked)
Step 8: Leave the cake to cool for 15/20 minutes then ENJOY :)
Tip: if your cake browns too much, use foil to retain some of its moisture so it doesn't become dry.

& There you have it! 
Hope you enjoyed this post..
If you are going to have a go at this recipe don't forget to comment below with your links.. I'd love to see how yours comes out! 

Results: Highlighted afro textured hair - The MUSE by Erica

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Hi guys, 
I know I've totally gone against my words in updating my blog but I have been so busy for all the right reasons. 
First of all I am a third year university student (I'm sure you know how intense this year is for me), and I've also set up a new blogging community called 'blogging gals' more info coming soon! 
For now follow us on twitter @blogginggals!

Right, so for today's post I've decided to update you on my hair. 
As you know I've had my hair coloured for about a year now, prior to this I'd only ever used Henna dyes.

These weather conditions have not left my hair seeing its best of days and being super busy means that I just chuck my hair up in a bun not really caring about the maintenance. 
Anyway, last week I'd been feeling like I wanted to ditch the idea of growing out my hair dye & booked an appointment to get my roots done! 
Since my last horrible experience at a hair dressers that I came across (mentioned here), my hair hasn't been looking as great as it used to. 
My lovely hairdresser Erica however always saves the day, this woman really knows how to make you smile from the moment you sit in her chair and does some bomb hairstyles.
I've been going to Erica for about a year and a half now, and not once has she disappointed me.. below are my before and afters. 

Before - Roots are showing,
hair is very dry, lifeless. *not brushed* 

After - Nourished, colour is revived.

Side View - Healthy ends

In regards to my horrible hair dressing experience, I literally had a bunch of my hair chopped off in the most ridiculous shape I had ever seen. Ever since my hair has grown but not as much as I'd really like it to. I feel when Erica works her magic hands on my hair everything just goes according to plan, growth, easy maintenance and care (call me crazy but this is true). 

Overall this service cost me £60 
Products used: Wella dye & Kera Care haircare range. 
Erica can be found on facebook here
She offers a student discount for those studying at university/college
She is based in Northampton but is SO worth the journey! 
Make sure you like The MUSE by Erica and book your appointment today!


Sol Central, Marefair, NN1 1SR Northampton, Northamptonshire
Erica- 07926850637 

Tumblr Tuesday

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

As mentioned in my previous post I'll be taking part in Tumblr Tuesday - here are my favourite pics so far :)

Tumblr Love

Saturday, 11 January 2014

I've totally neglected my tumblr over the past two years.. I  mean two years ago tumblr was the shxt & I mean it still is well kinda.. there's so much inspiration on there for anything and everything from fashion, beauty.. fitness.. cooking etc.
I am going to start using my tumblr more and maybe participating in tumblr Tuesday ? 
If you have a tumblr account leave your links below & I'll follow blogs similar to mine.. 

Also follow me on blog lovin (I'll follow back) - something else I am going to start using more! 

OOTD // Feeling Blue

 So sad to be leaving London tomorrow, it has been a real pleasure seeing family & friends..
Anyway quick outfit of the day from yesterday including some recent buys! 
I've always been in love with pastels and this S/S 14 will be full of the collective colours. 
Jeans // Gap - Reduced from £44.95 to £19.99 
Cropped Jumper // Primark - £10
Yes believe it or not this jumper is from Primark, 
Topshop are doing a similar jumper to this for £34.00 (with full sleeves), I can honestly say the one from Primark has a better feel so I'd definitely recommend this one.
This cropped beauty also comes in pink, yellow & white.
Trainers // Nike - £66.99

I wear a W28 from Gap
These jeans are from their 'always skinny' range


Nike Air Vortex Gold/Pink
(these trainers are sooooo comfortable)

Want to see some of Primark's S/S14 collection? (click below)

PERFUME REVIEW: Jimmy Choo - Flash 60ml (Boots Perfume Sale)

Remember my December You Beauty Box post where I received a Jimmy Choo flash 

As previously mentioned...
"I absolutely love this perfume - first time sampling it
It smells quiet fresh but with a touch of sassiness
Definitely on my Christmas gift list to myself haha".

I said to myself I really have to buy myself this perfume but had so many gifts to get out of the way so it really wasn't on my priority list. 

After Christmas I searched high and low for this perfume on sale but none of the prices seemed to have dropped much, I mean Debenhams were doing a £4 discount but c'mon £4.. I wasn't gonna wait for that.

Anyway, so the other day I popped into boots saying to myself that's it I am going to buy this perfume since my sample had finished only to realise it had gone down to £25.33 from £38.00 Normal price is however around the £45.00 mark for the 60ml eau du parfum x 100 ml body lotion. 
I was extremely happy, this is definitely an every day or even evening scent. 

Top notes: 
tuberose - jasmine -strawberry 
Middle notes:
pink pepper - white lilly - white wood - heliotrope 
Base notes: 

This perfume has a similar scent to Dior - Hynotic Poison (slightly)
there are many mixed reviews out there so I'd say go to your local perfume shop and ask for a sample/tester, spraying on a piece of card simply won't do the trick! 

You can order online & collect in store or have it delivered to your home. (UK & Ireland) 

Boots have a big sale on many other perfumes such as:
Vera Wang - pink princess £16.75 (30ml) 0r £22.55 for 50ml
Hugo Boss - orange £19.66 (30ml gift set)
Dolce & Gabanna- pour femme £28.75 (50 ml gift set)
Thierry Mugler - angel £33.32 (25ml gift set)
Ellie Saab - eau de parfum £37.00 (50ml gift set)
Estee Lauder - sensuous £23.32 (30ml gift set)
YSL - elle £39.50 (50ml)
Men... there are some great scents for you on sale too so check out

Have you got any perfume faves? I'd love to hear what they are, comment below! 

HOW TO: Achieve Hairstyles Without Using Heat - Beautiful Textures Haircare Range Review

Friday, 3 January 2014

So....... as I promised back in 2013, more hair care posts! 
I've been in London for a while now & because I go out here way more than I do back at uni some good styling products were needed. 

I've actually had the Beautiful Textures range since summer, but wasn't able to take these products with me due to spacing issues in zi luggage (yes I'm one of those people that pack for a month instead of a week, In this instance I was on holiday for a month and packed for a year) :( 
people are always asking me to recommend products for their hair so I thought I'd review all of these for you! 

So the Beautiful Textures range is aimed specifically at those who have:
Curly, Wavy, Kinky-Coily or "Frizzy" hair. I put frizzy in inverted commas because I really dislike that term. 
I'll mini review each product with my honest opinion underneath each product's photo. 
Before I begin, what I really love about Beautiful Textures is at the back of each product they tell you what the product does, they give you directions for best results, styling suggestions and 'custom blends' which is to mix and match Beautiful Textures products to achieve many different styles! 

Let's begin...

Curl Definer Styling Custard 425g/15oz (£2.99)
I find this product great on freshly washed hair, for lengthening curls and adding definition.
The product is non flaky and eaves hair manageable.
However I do not like the feel of this product in my hair or hands - does not feel sticky but definitely gives that 'you need to wash your hands like NOW' feel.
I'd say this product would definitely need mixing with your favourite oil, (I'd use Argan, Olive or Almond oil) to add a hint of moisture as it does leave my hair a little dry.
Styling Tips
- This product can be used for wash & go's
- This product can also be used to do two strand twists (combining BT Curl Control Pudding for extra hold)
Curl Control - Defining Pudding
425g/15oz (£2.99)

I haven't used this much but Beautiful Textures claim this product to:
- Define & Elongate Curls, Coils & Waves
- Controls 'frizzies'
So as I don't wear my hair curly much, as a styling product this is of no use to me.
However I do sometimes wear a curly ponytail and will use this to tame any fly aways. 

Moisture Butter - Whipped Curl Creme
22g/8oz (£2.99)

Now this has got to be the best product out of them all!
Not only do I achieve moisturised hair but for styles such as twist outs this product is AMAZING!
A little really does go a long way and for best results I'd say plan your hairstyle the night before, smooth your edges and tie your hair with a headscarf.
You'll wake up with perfectly laid edges and superb waves.

The below picture shows the waves I achieved (shorter parts of the hair) did not work too well with my extensions.
For those with european hair I WOULD recommend this product if you want to achieve waves without using heat

Note: Prices may vary from store to store, these products were purchased from my local hair & beauty store but can be found on the following: 
These are UK stockists for all my American readers please visit: to find your nearest store for all my other readers please have a look at UK stockists and their international shipping details. 

If you would like any help in finding the right product for you please do not hesitate to contact, either by commenting below, using the contact form or contacting me through my social medias. 

Thank you 

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