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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

I've actually been meaning to do this post for a while and finally have had the chance to review this product! 
So who are Super Food LX?
Super Food LX pronounced Super Food Lux are a mother and daughter duo based in the UK who set to be the first luxury hair care brand that make up of a Nurse and Nutritionist. 
How awesome? 
So.. I have been lucky enough to review not one but two of Super Food Lx's sample products. 


 Out of both of these products, this one has to be my favourite. Intelligence has a butter type consistency but is also light and fluffy at the same time. When the product is rubbed into the palms of the hands or even fingers, it turns into a light but moisturising cream/oil with a refreshing scent similar to orange and coconut mixed together. 
I personally use this product as a leave-in conditioner however Intelligence can also be used as a deep treatment.
The product is specially formulated with "naturally occurring plant based antioxidants, minerals, Omega 3, 6 & 9 essential fatty acids and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B17 and E."
This in turn means that each hair strand is coated with organic perfumes and soothing botanicals which restores hair to its natural state and promotes healthy hair growth. 

< Left Intelligence - Right > Illuminism 

Consistency of Intelligence 


Illuminism "is a soft, white oil that has been formulated exclusively for natural and processed, afro hair types."
The product aims to detox and energise the hair from root to tip which encourages cell renewal and again hair growth. 
This product has a thicker consistency which is great for taming those fly aways as well as nourishing the scalp. 
For all you mint lovers out there, this is your dream come true (believe me). 
I personally use this product to prevent dry scalp, I can honestly say I am starting to see a difference in the amount of dry scalp I have since using this product - so if you suffer from dry scalp like me recently, this is the answer for you! 

My Results

Used Garnier fructis - shampoo & conditioner
Moroccan argan oil hair treatment
& Intelligence as a leave in my curls were super soft and fresh. 
Sectioned hair and applied Illuminism to scalp
outcome > soft and healthy (straight hair)

I am growing out my hair colour (hence why my hair looks darker) and will continue to use my samples to help strengthen my hair and promote healthy hair growth.

If you would like to shop these amazing products please visit here
Why not read some testimonials here
Follow Super Food LX on twitter here

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more posts!


  1. Babe i was seriously like... ooo imma buy... then i saw the price... i can't justify right now but i need something to help with my transitioning tho. x

    1. Ohhh no,
      I can recommend some products - will whatsapp you xx


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