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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

I'm really not a great big fan of expensive makeup and huge transformations hence why I don't really spend too much on makeup products. However, lately I've become a tad obsessed with makeup and basically nearly spent £100 on it all about two weeks ago! (eek)

I've been using H&M's makeup brushes for a while but never thought they had that 'wow' factor from their basic range which can be found online & in stores. 
I came across these brushes maybe a month ago which I totally love, the texture is so soft and my makeup really does have that finished flawless look. 

My favourite is definitely the powder & foundation brush - I also love the slanted part of the eye shadow brush which gives my eyebrows that sharp look

Kabuki brush

Powder & Foundation brush
(excuse my stained red nails)

Eye shadow brush 

I've not actually seen these brushes online, so head to your local H&M to see if they stock any! 

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