Clothes Show Live 2013

Monday, 9 December 2013

Hi everyone - quick short post on the Clothes show live event! 
Really enjoyed my time at the event with fellow blogger and friend Vanessa ... we had no co ordination whatsoever (haha) except that the catwalk we were watching was scheduled at three! 
Anyway we walked up and down for hours looking at a variety of stalls (literally my legs are killing me right now), saw some amazing graduate catwalks - watched union J perform 'loving me is easy' received a wave from JJ from the group and yeah! 
Moving on...
I was told I'd end up buying loads of stuff at the show and end up wasting money but I only bought a Quontum dress reduced from £49 to £10 and the models own goodie bag for £10 
The rest were freebies. 
Anyway - below are some photos of the night... BEWARE ladies some serious eye candy ;)

I think me and Vanessa were slightly obsessed with this fella ><
I have to say BB (model on the far left) did put on a heck of a show....literally!

Oh how I love you Jamie


  1. Don't even know his name but the Boris look a like *sigh* so dreamy yet so cocky!

    1. The guy with the one arm tattoo sleeve?? His name is Louis :)

  2. I got the Barry m goodie bag too! Can't wait to use all the nail varnishes :D x


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