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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Thanks to my doll Michelle Hung for tagging me in this post, 
I cannot believe in the 1 year and a half that I've had this blog I've never actually got round to doing a post like this.

Anyway here it goes.... 
1. People always say I look Eritrean my mother is actually from Barbados & Dominica and my father is fully Moroccan 

2. If you follow me on twitter you know I absolutely love travelling - hence why I study Travel & Tourism Management (apparently I'm queen of finding holiday deals)

3. You know how everyone has a celebrity they absolutely love? yeah..not me. 

4. If I was on a deserted Island and could take one item, I'd take my blender to make the most delicious smoothies (seriously).

5. I originally started this blog to log my natural hair journey > kinda expanded it ever since. 

6. I can be a tad bossy but it's always for a good cause, I love winning. 

7. I hate the fact that I feel lost without my phone/social media, I need to come up with a plan.. maybe buy one of those cheap nokias and see how that goes? 

8. When I was young, I was probably one of the best at sport in Primary school 
I competed in competitions, I even loved sports day at secondary school in year 7 then decided I wasn't interested any more. 

9. My first holiday was when I was only a few months old (whatever the legal age to fly was back then lol)
Probably why I am always eager to fly away. 

10. I speak Arabic - well the Moroccan dialect. 

11. I've always loved cats but have come to the conclusion that only male cats like me - this is an accurate observation I promise.

12. Although I network a lot, I always speak to my 'day 1' friends I luhhhhh ya'll. 

13. I like to think that I am the ultimate housewife - I actually love cleaning & cooking,
sometimes I feel as if I purposely make mess just so I can clean it up >< haha. 

14. I mix my yoghurt's for about 5 minutes because I find the lumps absolutely revolting.

15. I absolutely love 90's music (my soundcloud is full of it) 
Aaliyah, Tupac & TLC have got to be my faves.

16. I have an obsession with white everything, I just love all white. 

17. I'm known to say what is on my mind, especially when asked.. you can't stop me! 

18. My mind is never on one thing, like I want to do so many things in life.. the list is too long
something like - take over the world cliché?

19. I am epileptic - something no one really knows unless they know me well 

20. I hate painting my nails - I am so impatient and basically smudge them all the time
any tips?

21. I don't understand my own handwriting :/

22. I do love food // especially soups! #SoupGang.

23. I always think about married life - I really cannot wait for my day!

24. If I could change something about me it would have to be find more motivation to hit the gym regularly
I've become real lazy these days. 

25. Happiest when - surrounded with people I love. 

Never did I think I could come up with 5 facts let alone 25... 

Anyway - I tag 5 bloggers, they are made up of friends/people I adore..
simply because we never know enough about those we adore.. sometimes we hide things don't we? haha

Here are my beautiful tags: 

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more posts!


  1. Replies
    1. haha it's all italics and.. thin and tiny! ><

  2. You need to let me know about these holiday deals girl! I hardly never find a bargain :(

    1. I will & when I do we are going away together!


  3. Love this post 👍✨


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