Sale Must Haves!

Monday, 30 December 2013

I confess, I love myself a good ol' sale but the question is where do I start?
All of these brands claiming a great amount of discounts, even selfridges are saying there sale is so good, things are almost free (let's just lol and leave it at that)

Now I'm really sick and tired of popping down to Oxford Street even on a normal day let alone during the festive season. 
Anyway yesterday I accidentally ended up in a few stores (was meant to go to the cinema but we missed our film.. oops) 
I visited Bershka - they have a really good sale, from jumpers to jeans for £14.99 
New look - have an amazing shoe sale. 
Zara - Wouldn't bother step foot in there again or online their sale is crap! 
Mango - have some okay bits but it really was hard to see anything, looked like a jumble sale 
My favourite sale out of all definitely has to be bershka! If you are into freh, fun & flirty prints and styles they definitely have a thing or two for you! 

Right so below I've put a few of my favourite items from different brands together, feel free to comment with any great purchases you'd like to share. 

Black slip dress - New Look
on sale from £17.99 to £8.00
Bershka elastic jeans
from £29.99 to £14.99
I've also purchased these boots from Bershka
I love how simple & sleek they are
From £29.99 to £19.99
I'm in love with cropped jumpers, I've purchased two from bershka including this one
on sale for £14.99 from £19.99
River Island - Velvet zip detail turtleneck crop top
from £20.00 to £5.00
OMG - I've wanted this coatigan for ages just didn't want to spend £80 on it!
This beauty is from River Island and has now gone down to £40
Mango - metal detail bucket bag
was £39.99 now £19.99
New Look - chained ankle pointed courts
was £24.99 now £12.99

Mango Faux Shearling coat
I wouldn't personally wear this but thought it'd be a good buy
from £44.99 to £19.99
(also available in black & chocolate brown)
New Look - cleated sole heels
was £22.99 now £10.00
Benefit's you rebel tinted moisturiser great for everyday use
was £24.50 now £17.15
I use this on a daily basis, its light but moisturises and blends the skin together well
(I do use this)
Benefit are having an awesome sale - check it out
I'm currently in love with the soap & glory products - I have this set which is on sale
from £10.00 to £5.00
It's so worth it!
This is just a little taster of the sales - there is so much more out there!
I would definitely say if any of you have the time pop down to Oxford Street or your local shopping centre for some goodies!
Bershka's in store sale is really really good. 

You may also want to wait for the January sales where you're bound to get more of a discount. 

Home For The Holidays!

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Oh how I love being home for the holidays, nothing like spending time with family & friends.. 
& Oh my bedroom, I love that place! 
Nothing much to say, except I'm so happy to be home for the holidays...

Hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas & I wish you a happy new year. 

P.s. I've featured two products I recently received from next (I was the Next Blog spot winner - won myself £100 worth of homeware WOOO!)

Moroccan Hamsa self scented candle - this does not need to burn.. & the hamsa is made out of wood!
Great addition to my bedroom, straight from Morocco! 

Set of three boxes from Next 

This pillow has become my new best friend like seriously cannot sleep without it now!
Have a look at the NEXT sale, they are doing 50% off sale items or less!

25 Random Things About Me Tag

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Thanks to my doll Michelle Hung for tagging me in this post, 
I cannot believe in the 1 year and a half that I've had this blog I've never actually got round to doing a post like this.

Anyway here it goes.... 
1. People always say I look Eritrean my mother is actually from Barbados & Dominica and my father is fully Moroccan 

2. If you follow me on twitter you know I absolutely love travelling - hence why I study Travel & Tourism Management (apparently I'm queen of finding holiday deals)

3. You know how everyone has a celebrity they absolutely love? yeah..not me. 

4. If I was on a deserted Island and could take one item, I'd take my blender to make the most delicious smoothies (seriously).

5. I originally started this blog to log my natural hair journey > kinda expanded it ever since. 

6. I can be a tad bossy but it's always for a good cause, I love winning. 

7. I hate the fact that I feel lost without my phone/social media, I need to come up with a plan.. maybe buy one of those cheap nokias and see how that goes? 

8. When I was young, I was probably one of the best at sport in Primary school 
I competed in competitions, I even loved sports day at secondary school in year 7 then decided I wasn't interested any more. 

9. My first holiday was when I was only a few months old (whatever the legal age to fly was back then lol)
Probably why I am always eager to fly away. 

10. I speak Arabic - well the Moroccan dialect. 

11. I've always loved cats but have come to the conclusion that only male cats like me - this is an accurate observation I promise.

12. Although I network a lot, I always speak to my 'day 1' friends I luhhhhh ya'll. 

13. I like to think that I am the ultimate housewife - I actually love cleaning & cooking,
sometimes I feel as if I purposely make mess just so I can clean it up >< haha. 

14. I mix my yoghurt's for about 5 minutes because I find the lumps absolutely revolting.

15. I absolutely love 90's music (my soundcloud is full of it) 
Aaliyah, Tupac & TLC have got to be my faves.

16. I have an obsession with white everything, I just love all white. 

17. I'm known to say what is on my mind, especially when asked.. you can't stop me! 

18. My mind is never on one thing, like I want to do so many things in life.. the list is too long
something like - take over the world cliché?

19. I am epileptic - something no one really knows unless they know me well 

20. I hate painting my nails - I am so impatient and basically smudge them all the time
any tips?

21. I don't understand my own handwriting :/

22. I do love food // especially soups! #SoupGang.

23. I always think about married life - I really cannot wait for my day!

24. If I could change something about me it would have to be find more motivation to hit the gym regularly
I've become real lazy these days. 

25. Happiest when - surrounded with people I love. 

Never did I think I could come up with 5 facts let alone 25... 

Anyway - I tag 5 bloggers, they are made up of friends/people I adore..
simply because we never know enough about those we adore.. sometimes we hide things don't we? haha

Here are my beautiful tags: 

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more posts!

December You Beauty Discovery Box - Party Prep

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Yep.. it's that time again! 
I swear, I look forward to the beginning of the month just because of this beauty box! 
This box's theme is party prep, getting us all glammed up for the Christmas period! 
Before I start let me recap on November's beauty box (have a look here)
I received two full sized products: 
Nailberry - 'le temps des cerises' 
& Face Stockholm's lipstick in 'pure veil' 
I absolutely love my FS lipstick, it has actually become my go to - something I wear to  uni and just to whizz around in if I'm doing quiet a bit in a day. 
I usually conceal my lip before applying the lipstick just so I can get a longer wear out of it, where it usually lasts about 2 hours. 
The Nailberry polish is also great for those elegant nights out and meetings - I won't be using any other red polish for a while. 

Moving on... This months box is just.... well AMAZING! 
You Beauty have ticked all the right boxes for this months Party Prep box. 
I mean just look at all the goodies... where do I begin? 

Right so I don't usually review my boxes until I receive the next one but I could not keep my hands of the Magnifibres brush-on false eyelashes. 
Magnifibres is so simple yet effective, it enhances your eyelashes by up to 5mm and if you are anything like me and absolutely hate fake eyelashes then this may be a great alternative for you. 
These are the steps: 
Step 1: Apply your own mascara - this can be any mascara I use Benefits they're real or Rimmels retro glam
Step 2: Coat eyelashes with Magnifibres whilst mascara is still wet 
Step 3: Wait 30-60 seconds so the fibres can stick to your eyelashes and apply a second coat of mascara 
Then voila nice thick long eyelashes achieved without using any glue or falsies! 

This product retails at about £20 you can buy here
however I did get the full sized product along side other items for £6.95 inc p&p! 

yet to review...

I absolutely love this perfume - first time sampling it
It smells quiet fresh but with a touch of sassiness
Definitely on my Christmas gift list to myself haha. 
Will you be signing up? There's still time.. 
January's beauty box will be full of detoxifying lotions and potions for those who have over indulged this Christmas period (eek) 

Thanks for visiting, stay tuned for more posts! 

Super Food LX - Natural Haircare Review*

I've actually been meaning to do this post for a while and finally have had the chance to review this product! 
So who are Super Food LX?
Super Food LX pronounced Super Food Lux are a mother and daughter duo based in the UK who set to be the first luxury hair care brand that make up of a Nurse and Nutritionist. 
How awesome? 
So.. I have been lucky enough to review not one but two of Super Food Lx's sample products. 


 Out of both of these products, this one has to be my favourite. Intelligence has a butter type consistency but is also light and fluffy at the same time. When the product is rubbed into the palms of the hands or even fingers, it turns into a light but moisturising cream/oil with a refreshing scent similar to orange and coconut mixed together. 
I personally use this product as a leave-in conditioner however Intelligence can also be used as a deep treatment.
The product is specially formulated with "naturally occurring plant based antioxidants, minerals, Omega 3, 6 & 9 essential fatty acids and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B17 and E."
This in turn means that each hair strand is coated with organic perfumes and soothing botanicals which restores hair to its natural state and promotes healthy hair growth. 

< Left Intelligence - Right > Illuminism 

Consistency of Intelligence 


Illuminism "is a soft, white oil that has been formulated exclusively for natural and processed, afro hair types."
The product aims to detox and energise the hair from root to tip which encourages cell renewal and again hair growth. 
This product has a thicker consistency which is great for taming those fly aways as well as nourishing the scalp. 
For all you mint lovers out there, this is your dream come true (believe me). 
I personally use this product to prevent dry scalp, I can honestly say I am starting to see a difference in the amount of dry scalp I have since using this product - so if you suffer from dry scalp like me recently, this is the answer for you! 

My Results

Used Garnier fructis - shampoo & conditioner
Moroccan argan oil hair treatment
& Intelligence as a leave in my curls were super soft and fresh. 
Sectioned hair and applied Illuminism to scalp
outcome > soft and healthy (straight hair)

I am growing out my hair colour (hence why my hair looks darker) and will continue to use my samples to help strengthen my hair and promote healthy hair growth.

If you would like to shop these amazing products please visit here
Why not read some testimonials here
Follow Super Food LX on twitter here

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more posts!

Ebay Finds: Chunky Heel Boots

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Yes - The ebay Queen is back and look what I have found for you dolls! (eek)
I actually came across these on a blog (sorry lost your url) and fell in love straight away, I just knew I had to get these. 

So, I've done some more research on these boots for you and have found them cheaper...
You can purchase the boots here costing only £12.35 inc delivery
or if you want to be on the safe side you can purchase from the seller I used here costing £14.29 + £3.99 postage. 

I ordered my boots on the 21st November and they came today (10th December)
so not too bad considering they came from China.

The material of these boots aren't great at all, they do look a little flimsy but hey you get what you pay for! 
The boots will have tiny little scuffs maybe from all that travelling and the fact that they are white.. if you are going to purchase just please bare this in mind to avoid disappointment. 

One last point.. when I came across these boots on the blog the lady mentioned that getting a size up is wise as they come up really small. 
I'm usually a UK 5/6 but opted for a UK7 (40) to be on the safe side and they fit well. 

I'm in love with these kind of boots and the rubber sole 
If any of you come across any more perhaps on ebay please let me know! 

Clothes Show Live 2013

Monday, 9 December 2013

Hi everyone - quick short post on the Clothes show live event! 
Really enjoyed my time at the event with fellow blogger and friend Vanessa ... we had no co ordination whatsoever (haha) except that the catwalk we were watching was scheduled at three! 
Anyway we walked up and down for hours looking at a variety of stalls (literally my legs are killing me right now), saw some amazing graduate catwalks - watched union J perform 'loving me is easy' received a wave from JJ from the group and yeah! 
Moving on...
I was told I'd end up buying loads of stuff at the show and end up wasting money but I only bought a Quontum dress reduced from £49 to £10 and the models own goodie bag for £10 
The rest were freebies. 
Anyway - below are some photos of the night... BEWARE ladies some serious eye candy ;)

I think me and Vanessa were slightly obsessed with this fella ><
I have to say BB (model on the far left) did put on a heck of a show....literally!

Oh how I love you Jamie

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