They See Me Hauling.. They Hating!

Monday, 18 November 2013

Credit to The beauty baker  for the title - she tweeted it the other day and I found it really funny! (haha)
Anyway, I really wasn't meant to shop around at all last week but I kinda got carried away doing shopping for a blogger secret santa! 
Denim Skirt - £8.00 Primark
Black Leggings - £20.00 Topshop
Necklace - £2.50 Topshop Sale
Collar clips - £2.50 Topshop Sale
Cropped Tops (Twinpack) - £4.00 Primark

How amazing is the band on these leggings?

I refuse to dress like its winter all the time - My cupboard has to have some colour!!
T-shirt - H&M Sale £10
Shirt - H&M Sale £3
Socks (3 pack) - H&M Sale £3

A shop wouldn't be complete without some beauty products right? 

Guys if you are looking for accessories to buy as gifts or for yourself, I'd highly recommend H&M & Topshop.. they have an awesome sale!
I'm off to Milton Keynes tomorrow so hopefully I can bag more bargains tomorrow happy smiley emoticon

Until next time....


  1. THEY SEE ME HAULIN BADLY! ;D I can't believe how amazing the topshop sale is! I also can't believe that skirt if from Primark! I NEED ONE!

  2. I want those crop tops! The skirt though, loveeee


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