The Primark A/W13 Coat Edit

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

So I was reading company's magazine about two weeks ago and was inspired by their own version of the a/w13 coat edit. 
I came across this light pink slouch fitting boyfriend coat (on the first page) - and totally fell in love! 
I didn't even know it was from Primark until I did some further reading. 

Anyway lovely old me put this edit together about a week ago - I wasn't going to post this but after ordering a coat double the price of the first one pictured in this edit, I was horrified at the fact that some companies hand over shirts for coats (basically).
After visiting my local Primark yesterday, I initially went in to buy two jumpers.. 3 jumpers, 1 cardigan, 1 coat and a pair of boots later I managed to spend £80 in about 15 minutes (haha). 
So I bought the coat pictured on the far left (#1) which is actually quiet similar to the crap one I ordered - Its the only thing I tried on in the store with my buys and must I say I just j'adore! 
It's a normal kind of thickness and fits quiet slouchy with fitted arms - also the fur collar is just amazing! If you are obsessed with fur collars definitely opt for this coat the picture does not do it justice at all!

Any of these coats tickle your fancy?
Why not hop down to your local Primark and snap one up before they're all gone!!!!
Want to kill two birds with one stone? (not literally) why not opt for coat #2 (pink) you'll be wearing the colour of the season and will cosied up in the one of most talked about trends (le boyfriend).

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