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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Evening All..
Thought I'd do something different on the blog tonight.. before I go to bed that is > <
So sitting in bed browsing the internet on my laptop, checking my emails I come across an email from NEXT!
I am always excited to read Next's emails as they always have some fab things going on and as Christmas creeps up on us, Next is definitely the place to shop for fashion & home-ware gifts.
A popular topic on the next blogger network notice board was 'blog spots' - where do we bloggers like to get creative?
My answer is my bed!
It's so warm and cosy - relaxes me easily and well I just get creative when I'm in it (no pun intended) lol.
So below the bedroom inspiration is 'Simplicity' - (bedroom photo credit: pinterest)
I am still in the process of decorating my bedroom at my mum's in London, and simplicity is all I want really... putting together this design board has given me some great ideas! 
I'm obsessed with Blanc I think the colour is so chic yet modern and simple all at once!
I've listed a few of some favourites from Next's Homeware collection.

Single birds On A Wire Sticker - £14.00
Natural Bricks Wallpaper - £15.00
Fox Tapestry Cushion - £14.00
Set Of Three Ornate Mini Frames - £6.00
Winter Forest Canvas - £40.00
Heart Jewellery Drawers - £35.00
Cream Heart Rocco Mirror - £99.00
FYI: The birds sitting on top of the brick wallpaper is wall art and not a brush!

Any of you in the process of redecorating? Care to share some tips? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Love this post! I redecorating (although its gonna take me ages due to my work schedule) and i wanna go all white and neutral! Similar to the above x

    1. Thank you doll - I love all white it's so just so refreshing! & I'm in the same boat just don't have the time at the moment x

  2. Really cute :) I'd love to switch up my room! moved out from uni so everything's a great big jumble with nothing matching now haha. Also have a HUGE wardrobe which I can't get rid of so that makes things difficult!

    Tigerlily's Beauty Blog


    1. thank you so much, I am in the same predicament when I move back home from uni! lol it's so much stress xx

  3. Love the unit! I'm in the middle of trying to redecorate my room and its so hard because I'm unlucky enough to have to share with my sister and we have totally opposite tastes! Something I'm really loving atm is framing magazine covers! So cheap and you can switch the covers out to keep things fresh :)

    Lauren |

  4. Love this post Hun 100% agree best place to blog is in the bed x


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