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Monday, 18 November 2013

Credit to The beauty baker  for the title - she tweeted it the other day and I found it really funny! (haha)
Anyway, I really wasn't meant to shop around at all last week but I kinda got carried away doing shopping for a blogger secret santa! 
Denim Skirt - £8.00 Primark
Black Leggings - £20.00 Topshop
Necklace - £2.50 Topshop Sale
Collar clips - £2.50 Topshop Sale
Cropped Tops (Twinpack) - £4.00 Primark

How amazing is the band on these leggings?

I refuse to dress like its winter all the time - My cupboard has to have some colour!!
T-shirt - H&M Sale £10
Shirt - H&M Sale £3
Socks (3 pack) - H&M Sale £3

A shop wouldn't be complete without some beauty products right? 

Guys if you are looking for accessories to buy as gifts or for yourself, I'd highly recommend H&M & Topshop.. they have an awesome sale!
I'm off to Milton Keynes tomorrow so hopefully I can bag more bargains tomorrow happy smiley emoticon

Until next time....

My Favourite Blogging Spot!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Evening All..
Thought I'd do something different on the blog tonight.. before I go to bed that is > <
So sitting in bed browsing the internet on my laptop, checking my emails I come across an email from NEXT!
I am always excited to read Next's emails as they always have some fab things going on and as Christmas creeps up on us, Next is definitely the place to shop for fashion & home-ware gifts.
A popular topic on the next blogger network notice board was 'blog spots' - where do we bloggers like to get creative?
My answer is my bed!
It's so warm and cosy - relaxes me easily and well I just get creative when I'm in it (no pun intended) lol.
So below the bedroom inspiration is 'Simplicity' - (bedroom photo credit: pinterest)
I am still in the process of decorating my bedroom at my mum's in London, and simplicity is all I want really... putting together this design board has given me some great ideas! 
I'm obsessed with Blanc I think the colour is so chic yet modern and simple all at once!
I've listed a few of some favourites from Next's Homeware collection.

Single birds On A Wire Sticker - £14.00
Natural Bricks Wallpaper - £15.00
Fox Tapestry Cushion - £14.00
Set Of Three Ornate Mini Frames - £6.00
Winter Forest Canvas - £40.00
Heart Jewellery Drawers - £35.00
Cream Heart Rocco Mirror - £99.00
FYI: The birds sitting on top of the brick wallpaper is wall art and not a brush!

Any of you in the process of redecorating? Care to share some tips? I'd love to hear from you!

Qmee - earn extra cash just by searching as you normally do!!

Yes - you read the title correctly,
Qmee offers an easy way to earn cash by doing what you normally do (searching that is).
Qmee is an application that simply installs into the browser and allows the user to navigate the internet as they usually would, the process is so easy anyone can join!

So what do you have to do?
So Qmee works with Google, Amazon, Ebay, Yahoo & Bing - all you have to do is search for what you are looking for and you may just be lucky for an ad to pop up at the side.

Here's an example:

So here you can see - I've gone to searched 'coat', a number of ads appear on the left hand side of the page, I then clicked on the first ad - were 6p was added to my 'piggy bank'. How simple?
Now the side pane is not always there - it only pops up when ads are suggested - so don't worry about it getting annoying!

So far this is what my piggy bank looks like! 

To join Qmee - all you need is an email address and PayPal account - and the beauty is you can cash out at any point or even donate your money to Cancer Research UK.
To join simply click this link here!
There is no catch - the money you earn is yours!!
Qmee works uses other currencies too - have a look by joining here!

I would like to see some feedback from some of you - would be great to hear how much you've earned, what search engines you think work better etc!
Have a watch of this Qmee official ad!

November You Discovery Box - Ultimate Sensations

Sunday, 10 November 2013

It's that time again - don't you just love mail?
my monthly beauty box has arrived  and I must say I'm reaaaaaaally excited to try my new beauty products!
First let me summarise my October beauty box:
The Tangle Teezer - so helpful.. I have not used it much but the times that I have, the brush has helped me easily de-tangle wet curly hair. 
Crabtree & Evelyn gardeners hand therapy - I completely understand why last months box was named 'handbag heroes'. This cream works a treat against this horrible weather, my hands have been getting super dry this fall. 

In this box:

full sized nailberry nail varnish in 'le temps de cerises' how sexy does that sound?
RRP £13.50
full sized face stockholm lipstick in 'pure veil'
RRP around £14.00
I also received a Montagne Jennesse body smoothie to try and Lizis Granola (Yum)

Will you be joining the You beauty discovery box? 
Go on treat yourself...
Only £6.95 inc p&p! 

Hair Nation - Gold Drops Serum Review*

So guys I'm so excited to do a post like this on my blog, if you didn't already know.. the whole reason why I started my blog was to kind of log a diary for my natural hair journey. Enticed by fashion & other types of beauty, my blog was bound to expand so the natural hair journey log... yeah that kind of didn't work out so much!

Anyway, I had a major UNWANTED hair cut this summer (was so annoyed) where my hair was just sitting above shoulder length... I was that annoyed I didn't bother do a post on hair until now I think.

More to the point, I was really excited when I was offered this amazing hair serum by the founder of Hair Nation (thanks Claudia). I said to myself I would use it on and off for about two weeks, just to see how my hair felt with and without it.
So for the first time using the product I noticed how well the serum was at moisturising the hands (no seriously). While I was massaging the serum into my hair my hands were also softening my mind I was thinking damn why don't Hair Nation do any hand creams? Anyway, I parted my hair into about 4 sections and massaged the serum into my scalp then all the way down to the tip of the hair (I did this for about 3 days straight..then gave the product a break). Upon my break I noticed my hair was back to its old self - simply unmanageable, very dry and was not easy to style.
So once again I continued to use this product which again made my hair more bearable and easy to style. The serum also actually helped with my dry scalp, I've never been a sufferer of dry scalp until recently, where I've found this product helps to calm the itch and massages into the scalp instead of just sitting on the hair like many other serums do.
My hair is naturally bushy and without heat it cannot be straight - however my hair is very versatile hence the many textures in the pictures below.

*PLEASE NOTE* When my hair is wet and has a lot of product in, it tends to look darker.. however the flash on my camera x natural lighting did enhance the hair colour a little bit. When my hair is out it looks slightly lighter as to when it is packed.

Hair that has not been washed

Freshly washed hair - no brushes or combs used, however I finger combed and use the gold drops hair serum to smooth and add shine

Hair air dried - I have vowed to not use heat in my hair for at least two weeks

Looks like it has been blow-dried right? 

Hair set back in a pony tail - used eco styler gel to slick 'n' style, used pure argan oil from Morocco on scalp (as it has become very dry this winter) and used the serum to seal the ends!  

Happy with my hair growth!

The Hair Nation Gold Drops Serum really made my hair a whole lot manageable, packed with goodness such as Buruti oil which provides our hair with softness and shine and my beloved argain oil - full of vitamin E and fatty acids great for adding that 'just got my hair did' shine to our hair.

Hair Nation is a company based in Australia who aim to:
'Revolutionise the way every woman feels about their hair. We want them to feel that every day is a great hair day and that this can be achieved at home every day!'

Love this review? Follow the Hair Nation revolution.. they also give tips and have an amazing blog! 
#TeamHairNation here we come!!
Hair Nation do provide worldwide shipping, so get shopping!!!

Forgot to add this serum contains a natural SPF amazing? 
I know what product I'll be taking with me on my next holiday ;) 

The Primark A/W13 Coat Edit

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

So I was reading company's magazine about two weeks ago and was inspired by their own version of the a/w13 coat edit. 
I came across this light pink slouch fitting boyfriend coat (on the first page) - and totally fell in love! 
I didn't even know it was from Primark until I did some further reading. 

Anyway lovely old me put this edit together about a week ago - I wasn't going to post this but after ordering a coat double the price of the first one pictured in this edit, I was horrified at the fact that some companies hand over shirts for coats (basically).
After visiting my local Primark yesterday, I initially went in to buy two jumpers.. 3 jumpers, 1 cardigan, 1 coat and a pair of boots later I managed to spend £80 in about 15 minutes (haha). 
So I bought the coat pictured on the far left (#1) which is actually quiet similar to the crap one I ordered - Its the only thing I tried on in the store with my buys and must I say I just j'adore! 
It's a normal kind of thickness and fits quiet slouchy with fitted arms - also the fur collar is just amazing! If you are obsessed with fur collars definitely opt for this coat the picture does not do it justice at all!

Any of these coats tickle your fancy?
Why not hop down to your local Primark and snap one up before they're all gone!!!!
Want to kill two birds with one stone? (not literally) why not opt for coat #2 (pink) you'll be wearing the colour of the season and will cosied up in the one of most talked about trends (le boyfriend).

My Ebay Listings

Sunday, 3 November 2013

As you can tell I am LOVING ebay at the minute - just a quick post to tell you I am selling some of my unwanted clothing on EBAY,
Take a look here!
New items will be added throughout the week - sorry for the LQ images on ebay - really don't know what's up with that. 

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