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Saturday, 19 October 2013

I've really wanted to get back into beauty box subscriptions, but could not justify paying nearly £13.00 each month for products I'd probably use once and throw away. 
Having done some research I found the YOU Beauty Discovery Box at only £6.95 including p&p.
YBD gives you the choice of about 8 products to choose from (not a lot I know) - a healthy snack, an accessory, and a magazine. 
I did not receive the magazine for some strange reason, I'm hoping this is down to low stock or something (no biggie). 
Anyway the products I chose were:
Tangle Teezer - compact styler RRP £12.25
Crabtree & Evelyn - gardeners hand therapy 25g (Limited Edition) RRP £5.00

The Tangle Teezer is something I've actually had  my eyes on for a whole year, but never got round to ordering it... so when I saw the brush as an option for this particular box I was just like YUP I have to get it. 
With the hand therapy - as winter is fast approaching I am in need of some hand cream for when I'm out and about. I've actually seen the Crabtree & Evelyn products in M&S so thought it would be a good try. 
See... I can justify my reasons for having this months beauty box, I wanted the brush and needed the cream! haha.
Oh and the lovely people at YBD added this gorgeous nakd snack bar! I usually hate healthy bars because I find them boring in taste, but not this one!  The berry delight bar is gluten, wheat and dairy free containing:
- 49% dates
- 31% cashews
- 17% raisins 
- 3% Raspberries 
Apparently this bar is one of your five a day. Woo!

Will you be joining the You Beauty Discovery Box? 
What other boxes would you recommend? 
Comment below! 


  1. Females, ditch your combs! A Tangle Teezer is all you need (and maybe a slick brush) ;)


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